5 Facts Of Life

5 Facts Of Life

     So this past half a year I have learned a lot about life, because a lot has happened. Break ups, funerals, insults, sense of being lost, and inability to find a job. Many things in life I have actually been working on to catch up. With epilepsy I was not allowed to get my driver’s license during the time everyone else did, so I have to work on getting my license now. Depression hit and I developed social anxiety, which I became a hermit (all I would do is play games and watch anime all day to escape my life), so I had to start socializing in order to meet people and actually have friends. I had too high sense of confidence while being naive and created a business, I had to go back and get a certification for people to take me seriously. Going into my field of study (kinesiology) I enjoy the classes more than the work, so I have no work experience in what I actually have skills for (I am very knowledgeable, but lack the social skills and patience to be a coach at this time). And so much more I could list, but I want to share with you guys the 5 facts of life I actually learned while trying to catch my life back up to where it should be. These 5 facts of life have played a huge role in my ability to get over obstacles in my life, and I hope it benefits all of you!


     I know that sounds simple, but it is not. Doing what you fear most has got to be the hardest thing anyone can do. For example, I had social anxiety one point in my life where I had to ask someone to order my food at McDonalds for me. When no one I knew was there I would usually skip that meal, or frantically order usually messing up what I was trying to say. How I have overcame that is by small steps in doing what I fear. I could write another post purely about overcoming social anxiety sometime soon, but that is not the focus of this blog post. Small steps come along way. Can’t approach people? Start waving at everyone you see and smile. Afraid of deep water? Play in the shallow end. Scared to turn in a paper? Send it to someone to proofread and gather their critiques. SMALL STEPS.


     A conversation I actually had with a friend of mine not too long ago actually influenced me about this saying and about this entire post. Regardless of what people say, do, or think….how you react to them describes YOU not them! What?! ME? Yes, how you react describes you. It describes your ability to stay strong with your stance, have an open mind, have morals/character, and having a full grasp on what will happen based on what you do. Someone insult you? Nothing they say actually changes who you are, harms you, or makes any impact in your life unless you let it. It is purely up to you. Someone harms you? Evaluate the scenario. Sometime self defense is in order, but sometimes merely reporting to authorities can be a smarter move. Think thoroughly how your reactions describe you and how it will actually place a role in your journey to becoming the best you can be.


     Time and time again I experience and witness this. Just because you love something you do, does not mean you will succeed or thrive. In fitness for example, think about it…The “bros” in the gym who absolutely love the gym and workout 7 days a week sometimes twice a day. They look the same month after month. Why? Because they are not efficient with their training and do not realize that proper programming, recovery, and nutrition plays a vital impact in your progress. Just because you love doing something, does not mean work is not required. In fact, many people thrive in things they hate because they are good at it and work really hard. Pair your passion with some work ethic for amazing results!


     Something I have learned along the way of dating is that the phrase “if you love it let it go” is absolutely NOT TRUE! Now when I say let go, I say letting the person leave your life. In modern society it gets increasingly popular to “move on to the next” and is actually influenced more than the past “it’ll be worth the wait”. Letting something go and reevaluating how the relationship details are two totally different things. Fact is, someone you absolutely love can actually enter your life at a wrong time or may not be relationship material for you (or maybe you are not relationship material for them). That is okay. Just because you cannot be together, does not mean you cannot be close friends. We seem to have this common issue where people refuse to only be friends with someone they care deeply about. Modern labels has made it more and more influenced that you must actually be in a relationship with someone or else you will lose them. If you treat the same as you did before, they treat you the same, and the relationship remains the same (besides aspects of being a couple of course) you can still be in the life of someone you love as well as never giving up on them and your relationship together. When the time is right to be together, you will have the opportunity to do so. If you both lose affection for one another, you can peacefully part ways without the sense of someone broke up with the other.


     Again, something said often, yet so many people forget it. Do not think of this phrase as a bad thing. Because nothing is forever, the thing itself develops a sense of being priceless. You must cherish the time you have with whatever it is you care for at that time. If it is someone you love, you must realize they will either pass away or leave your life. There is no other end result. Because of this you must remember to always cherish them. Love them as if that moment was the last moment you can ever have with them. Just like the person you love, your own life must have an end one point in time. Before that time, cherish every moment you are alive because you are alive right now reading this. Expiration does not mean it is meaningless. On the contrary, it means to cherish the time that we are given.

These are the 5 facts of life I have learned thoroughly over the past 6 months. There is definitely a difference in knowing the phrases and facts, and actually thoroughly experiencing and comprehending them. Life is full of lessons and as I learn more I plan on sharing with you all everything I learn in my life. If you enjoy the content or want to see more facts of life, subscribe to my blog for updates. Learn from my mistakes in life, and go out and learn from your own. Experience is the best teacher.

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