Motivation Is Only The Beginning

Motivation Is Only The Beginning

     Everyone nowadays seems to be motivators. Everyone on Instagram posts a selfie with a “motivational quote”. While I have my own opinion when it comes to motivation being over used as attention on social media, I do believe motivation in itself is only the beginning. What is motivation? Motivation is “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way”. In other words, it is the reason you made a change in your actions. Did you see how I said “make a change”, not “make a lifetime change”? That is because motivation only makes you change, it does not make you continue. We all lose motivation at times in our life. It is human nature to swing your moods just like the earth swings season. We cannot fight the process of personal growth, but what we can do is move ever forward. Today I want to share with you what you can use as tools for your journey when motivation runs low, grows dim, or becomes too distant. Without these tools….motivation is only the beginning, and the beginning is all you will experience.

A Plan

     It is crazy that I even have to put this on the list, but it is. I see the same thing time and time again. Someone sees a Youtube video, gets motivated to start becoming fit, yet has absolutely nothing planned out for their journey. You can “wing it” for awhile, but when that motivation dies down you will lose faith in your plan to start your fitness journey. What does a plan do? A plan such as a work out routine and diet plan (or any plan for success in any endeavors you have in life) helps you track your progress, know your next steps, and shows you what you are having to do now. Some plans even show you your longer term expectations. This keeps you not only focused, but by being able to track/see the progress you have made you can actually gain  motivation (which will repeat the process of gain, lose, re-motivate). Having a plan will tie into my next tool to continue your journey after motivation is lost. 


     So you are motivated to work out and now you have a plan, that’s all you need right? WRONG! Just because you have a plan does not mean you will follow and have faith in it. Much like the random motivation to work out, I see time and time again where people will just change routines because of promised results or they did not take into consideration they will feel weaker during the later weeks of a given routine (overreaching before the recovery phase). They were motivated, they have a plan both before and after switching, so what would go wrong? Everything is built on consistency and discipline. Without those, these plans make no difference. Routines (and everything in life) are made to build upon one another. So what happens when you work through a routine and randomly switch is like walking up stairs and randomly deciding to go back down and take a different flight of stairs to the same room. Both get you to your location, but you spent more time and energy by restarting yourself at the bottom of the stairs. Be persistent with your efforts and follow through with everything that you do. Continue to move forward and be consistent with not only your actions, but also your mindset. Stay disciplined enough to stick with a routine even when you see a new flashy routine that promises you crazy results. 


     Last but most importantly, we have passion. Without enjoying the routine (your journey/process in life).you will not continue. I do not care how much motivation, how carefully you planned, or how consistent/disciplined you are… will not continue. The ultimate goal and temptation in life is happiness and if you are not happy with what you are doing, you will find an excuse to quit not a reason to continue. Find something you are passionate about. Into drawing? Go draw! Lifting? Go lift! Blogging? You’re at the right place. 


     When you do what you love, it is easier to regain motivation, but always remember that motivation will not always be there. That is where a plan of attack, consistency/discipline, and passion come into play. Motivation is only the beginning. After that, we must learn to continue moving……ever forward.

Thank you for your time, have a great day, and God bless.

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