Perception Is Power

Perception Is Power

     Ever heard the phrase (or something similar) “If you can’t change a given situation, change how you perceive it”? The mind literally controls any given situation. You must process the situation at hand, fully analyze it, register any emotional attachments you may have to the situation, then place your best judgement to solve the given situation based off of past experiences and knowledge. EVERYTHING comes from your mind. Action is physical, but perception and your decision to partake anything in life is mental. For each point I have for you all today I will be giving you a scenario in which your perception changes the entirety of a given situation, objects, or experience. I hope these 5 points of perception help open your mind to how powerful your mind really is!

     First off, anything with a sort of value (whether it be currency or emotional) is completely made from your thoughts. Nothing in life was born or created with a given value. That water in your bottle was not pouring from the sky at $1.99 a bottle. We placed value on it based on it’s demand for survival, our amount of supply, and the quality of the water (all processed through our mind). Money for example is the most used object in this world that takes lives, turns family against one another, and makes people go mad. This object in itself is worthless. A piece of paper that we place so much value and demand on is as valuable to in as the first and last slice of bread in a loaf, but because of our emotional and mental demand on it’s currency we turned a piece of everyday paper into the root of all evil. This was done without changing the object itself (besides writing on it), but rather placing value in something valueless. Believe it or not, there was a time before money. We made the demand for currency the way it is today.

     Secondly, we sometimes do not feel pain until we realize we have been hurt. How many of you have been cut badly before and did not feel pain until you actually looked at the wound? You either did, were either born in a bubble as a kid, or just a liar. EVERYONE has experienced this. We do not register the amount of pain because we have not processed the amount of damage to the body. You usually feel a kind of itch and sting, but nothing compared to when you actually look at the wound. Another (totally different) scenario would be after someone emotionally hurt you. At first you kind of blow it off and realize “hey, I’m free and single again” until you go a couple of days without the love you thought you had. You start missing the jokes, the fun, hell…sometimes even the little arguments that end with making up and loving each other more. You do not feel the heavy amounts of emotional pain until you realize what you have lost and what “could have been” if they or you did not ruin things between you two. Each scenario the more you thought into it, realize what happened/could have been, and messed with your own head how bad it is….the more pain you felt.

     Thirdly, we have point of view making a huge impact on how you perceive something. These next/last three points will all tie into one another so please bare with me as I reveal each at a time. So, now we have point of view. Let’s say your friend just got cheated on by the love of his life. They have been together for 6+ years and the girlfriend happened to get drunk and slept with someone “without control”. You would (more than likely, especially guys) tell your “bro” to dump her, because she is a h**. You would keep a close eye on the girlfriend and take any chance in busting her for any more actions so your friend will see how untrustworthy she is. Now say you are the guy who got cheated on. The love of your life goes to a party with friends. You planned on purposing to her in a week or so. She comes home to you the next morning crying about what had happened and begs on her knees for forgiveness. More than likely it hurts unbearably, but you try to deny what happens, because you don’t want to lose the one person you have ever loved this much. You cannot look at her the same, but between you two never having issues, you planning on marrying her, and the first time she cheats it was while intoxicated and comes forth telling you herself while crying…..MUCH different than the friend’s point of view, right? This can make your line of judgement a little fuzzy, because we live in a one point of view world, your own.

     Fourth off, two different people can be in the same situation, but each perceive the situation differently based off of experience. Like I talked about in the last point dealing with point of view, your experiences can play a HUGE role in how you deal with the given situation. Being the boyfriend (or girlfriend) being cheated on, if that is the only time you have ever been cheated on, you would handle that differently than someone who have had worse. If before that partner, you came from a relationship where you were beaten, cheated on, mentally abused, and isolated from other people…..being cheated on the way the person above did may not be as bad as if you have never dealt with any pain like this before. Now read this with an open mind, of course cheating is wrong and will cause pain, but using a tough situation with different perspective elements to make you think more than just making a judgement out of just the word “cheated”. Especially if combined with the abusive relationship, you have insecurities and believed you could never find someone to love you ever again… wouldn’t be so eager to drop someone who made one mistake while intoxicated.

     Last but not least, experience in different points of views clears your perception for an open mind. Ah yes, the holy grail of perception. Having different perspectives clears your mind when it comes to a judgement. Say one point in your life you have been in all three situations (the partner, the cheater, and the friend) you would have a MUCH better grasp on the entire situation. You could give better advise as a friend, understand how bad you hurt someone and find a way to prove your love as the cheater,and find a way to talk it out and deal with the pain as the partner. I like using the term, having a “clear perception”, because you have clarity and have nothing blurring your judgement. Experience is the best teacher, and with experience comes a perspective.


So let’s review the point here today shall we?

1) Value comes from what we make it

2) Pain comes from how we process the damage

3) Point of view MATTERS

4) Experience can cloud/clear judgement depending on how you use it

5) Perspective clarity comes from looking at the same situation from different points of view

     I truly hope this blog post helped you open your mind to not only how powerful the mind can be, but also how perspective plays the biggest role in your life and the decision you make to change it.

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