The Definition Of Success

The Definition Of Success

     Success….the one word that probably has the most definitions. To some success can mean wealth. To many success means happiness. To those struggling with finances, success means financial stability. To those wanting to help others and to make a difference in this world, success means making a difference in lives and progressing your outreach to more people. Hell, to some people getting laid a lot is successful (kind of a joke, kind of isn’t, so won’t be elaborated on in this post). Everyone has their own definition when it comes to having success. With that being said, all meanings have common characteristics. Each one is about attaining something in life and reaching a specific outcome. Regardless of your definition of success you will have a set goal, a set outcome, and a set level of satisfaction with the given outcome. Let’s go further into each definition of success to, shall we?

    First off, we have the person who believes that success means wealth. Why wouldn’t having wealth be success? Nowadays money can buy you anything your heart desires. Cars, women, entertainment, even friends can be bought. Much like success, wealth is a very broad word. To some, wealth can mean owning a house. To others, wealth can mean being a billionaire who never has to care about the amount they spend. We all have our different idea of what wealth is. With that said, wealth to many is a definition of success.

     Secondly, we have happiness. This can come from friends, family, wealth, a lover, or even just a sense of belonging. The term happiness can be used as an end result or the way you go about your journey. Some people believe that happiness is supposed to be this perfect outcome you attain through years of sacrifice. The other people believe that happiness is the way you approach your journey. Happiness in itself is both an approach and an outcome. So success could be both your happy ending, but also your way of going through life (successful life).

    Thirdly we have finances. Tying somewhat into wealth, financial stability is the definition of success to some people. When you cannot afford to pay rent, pay off loans, or even afford food… stability can be a set goal and a state of happiness. It is all about perspective when it comes to happiness (much like everything). Unlike the other definitions of success, happiness can mean any of them (happiness can come from wealth, fame, or helping other/Wealth doesn’t always come from fame or helping others).

     Last but most importantly, we have helping others. Though talked about often, there isn’t many people out there that actually get pure enjoyment out of helping others and consider it as success. You see people helping others, but usually only at their convenience. I’m talking about people who go more than out of their way to dedicate their life to helping others in life. This is where I myself define success as. I dream to be financially stable enough to just focus on helping others and educating others in order to help themselves. In helping others, your goal is to help others accomplish their own goals. Sounds simple, but you not only have to know the information, but also know how to apply it and teach it. Being able to do something and being able to educate someone on how to do something (especially something complex) are two entirely different things! What talents do you have? Maybe you can draw art museum quality pictures. With no teaching experience, try to teach someone how to do so. Not so easy right? You have to know how to teach them at their level and think like them while also knowing the steps in which they should advance. Giving someone ten bucks is simple. Teaching someone and showing them how to make ten bucks take a little more effort, but they can continue making ten bucks to make a living one day. It’s not just about getting them there, but also helping them continue forward afterwards.

       As you can see, there are different definitions for “success” out there. I only covered 4 of them, yet there are endless variations of each and countless others I probably have never heard of. Success is all about perspective, experience, and what you want out of life. If someone works a minimum wage job, yet is entirely happy throughout their entire soul….is that not success? If someone is dirt poor, yet spends everything they have/had on building houses for people in poverty areas….is that not success? Is spending your entire life dedicated to educating people on the value of morals not success? We need to quit thinking that there is only one definition of success and start believing that perspective means everything.

Thank you for your time and God bless.

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