The Most Untraveled Road

The Most Untraveled Road


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     I know what you are thinking. The generic “untraveled road” topic that everyone talks about. Guess what? This is not the same. Today I will not be talking about the difficult path. I will not be talking about success. Hell, I will not be talking about overcoming anything. Today, I want to discuss the path that is REALLY the most untraveled road. This road seems to have been forgotten long ago. Having potholes, wrong turns, and even distracting sights that can keep you from reaching your destination, this road has been pushed aside for too long. The untraveled road I am explaining is the road of happiness. 

     The potholes are obstacles in our life that can bring us down. When happy, there is a lot that can tear us down if we aren’t careful and live life recklessly. The wrong turns are poor decisions we may have make. We make these wrong turns because we are either lost in life, tempted to find a shortcut to happiness, or don’t know any better. The distracting sights are temptations that may distract us from our path of happiness. These three obstacles can make or break your decision to even partake a journey on this road.

     Though there are many obstacles, and I mean MANY along the way, there are good things as well. We sometimes have friends, families, and partners that ride with us. When we have car trouble, we sometimes get help from people who you would never have expected to be there. Then there are signs that can help lead us to the right place. The people riding with us are those that are in our life and help us along the way, keep us company, and are by our side. The people who help us with car trouble are people that enter our life and fix our broken hearts, help us with school/work, or help us get back on track with life. The signs on the road are clear opportunities in our life to change course whenever we decide to and detour other aspects of our life. When we fall off of track on the road of happiness we can always trust the signs to bring us back.

      It seems like today everyone has abandoned this road for many reasons. Some because of the obstacles. Some because of society’s fixation on wealth and attention being described as happiness and success. And the rest because they believe the road to happiness has no destination (you just keep moving forward without ever getting there). Regardless of why you have left this untraveled road, today I want to share why we have abandoned this road, and why we should partake on it again.

Society’s Approval

     I have no idea when it got this way, but it seems like acceptance from others is more important than your acceptance of self. We cater to the likes and interests of others regardless of whether or not we enjoy the same things, because we fear not belonging. With society’s standards increasing, we don’t have time for happiness because we believe we must fit this standard. Those who hate exercising are trying to get as toned as possible to fit society’s standard of beauty/aesthetics even though a lot of people do not enjoy excessive exercise. Some people hate working multiple jobs, but even after having stable/comfortable living they try to work more jobs in order to have “better things”. It is crazy to me how people get into the hype of “fitting in” when society’s standards, likes, and dislikes change more frequently than most of you get on the web. Every minute out there some part of the world is changing trends. Maybe a new phone came out. How about another power lifting record broken. Maybe even a tragic event made everyone hate a religion that a few days ago they celebrated the memorial of someone of that religion (sounds familiar). The more we focus on society’s approval, the more we will have to change to it’s trends, which means the less we can partake on our own road of happiness.

Fear Of Not Being Fulfilling 

     We tend to put a specific definition of success in our head. Anything less than that we feel as if we failed ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. Much like my post The Definition Of Success , success does not have one meaning (save the dictionary references please). To some success means wealth, to some it is to help others, and to others it could be just being purely happy. Whatever you may define success as, everyone time from time changes it in fear of their definition not “being the right one”. We fear not living a Fulfilling life. We sometimes ask ourselves what our purpose is, if we are doing the right things, and if we are really doing the best we can. Questioning our life becomes habit and we spend all our time focusing on fear of not enjoying life that we forget to actually enjoy life. We focus so hard on fear of not fulfilling our dreams, we forget to go out and chase them. We focus so hard on fear of death, that we forget to live.

Happiness Is A State of Mind, Not a Destination

     Something I have talked about a little bit on my social media is how you approach life. It is so popularized that happiness is an outcome. What we forget to realize is that happiness is a state of mind while on our journey. Something I have noticed from successful people I have looked up to is that they all find value in the process before the accomplishment. They value and enjoy the process, because they truly realize that the journey is what makes the accomplishment worth while. The struggle is worth the outcome. Hitting potholes on the road is worth staying on the road, making wrong turns then finding your way back is worth taking the extra time, and sometimes getting distracted by the sights along the way is worth the loss of focus for awhile. Why? Because it makes life interested. It makes happiness worth continuing on. It makes… worth living.


     The most untraveled road in life is the one that makes us happy, in fact it is the road of happiness itself. We are so focused on society’s standards that we forget to focus on our own standards, likes, dislikes, and ambitions. When times are rough we tend to rethink our actions, choices, and life in desire for a more fulfilling life. Along the way most of us actually forget that happiness is the state of mind on the journey (the road itself) not the outcome (destination). Let’s all get back on this forgotten road, and help others along the way. 

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