The Source Of Hatred

The Source Of Hatred

     I honestly did not even feel like writing more than one post today until hearing about the news dealing with recent events in the world (not discussing it, you can google on your own or check your Facebook feed). I have to say I was utterly sickened by all the posts and comments about what had happened. Instead of mourning for the loss of lives (these are not just people; They are brothers, sons, fathers, husbands,friends, co-workers, and role models) we are pinpointing the blame and taking this separation between races and religions way too far. This world is full of so much hate. We complain about it, claim to be against it, yet bring about more and more hate with every waking moment of our life. It has became clear to me that there has to be reasons why so much hate is still present (and growing) even though everyone claims to be against it. Years of watching the news, social media posts, forums, Youtube videos, and day to day social interactions….it has became perfectly clear why there is so much hate in this world. 

The News Promotes Negativity

     The one reason I stopped watching the news dealt with the fact that the news primarily promotes tragedies, negativity, propaganda, and politics. Why do they show so many tragedies? SHOCK FACTOR! The more you are surprised, confused, and eager to know more, the more you will watch. Journalist have known this for a very long time. So, news has got to hit you in the emotions by angering you and making you sad in order to have you emotionally attached to the information they are presenting. Our head is filled with so much negativity just by watching the news. It is okay know what is happening in this world, but what about all the positive things in life. We are literally spoon fed negativity and we yet to comprehend that.Literally everyone someone is giving money to the poor, saving someone’s life, and dedicating their life to helping a cause yet we hardly ever hear about any of it. Why? Because viewers would say “Wow, they just did that to be put on television”. Yeah, I read the comments on Facebook videos.  We can never do anything nice without someone degrading our actions (I understand someone video taping themselves giving money to someone seems kind of for attention, but I have seen negative comments on people telling interviewers about the good deeds of others). 

We Separate Ourselves From Other Groups

     It is quite amusing and yet distasteful to see everyone on social media separating themselves in racial and religious group, while insulting and being against any other group. We have racial groups, religious groups, political group, and hell, we have PokemonGo groups (serious, but not serious). We want equality,yet we divide ourselves. We all bleed red, yet we all bleed hatred. Want people to think of you equally? Do not isolate yourself from them and talk down upon them. All I see on social media is different groups of people argue with one another. Whether you are with “black lives matters” or “make America great again, you have to realize the more we separate ourselves the more hate that will commence. As I scroll through Facebook today I read nothing but division between those who discuss what has happened in Dallas. We tend to be enraged at or mourn for specific races, religions, and other groups of people. Why not mourn for the loss of all the lives? But instead, we try to point the blame. Every attack or threat on the news must be pinpointed to a specific race or religion, when in fact reality is there are psychotics/extremists of every race, ethnicity, and gender. We continue to hate one another, because we classify ourselves as different and enemies.

We Pinpoint Race And Religion

     To continue what I just talked about, we tend to pinpoint someone’s race or religion when it comes to events. Fact is, some people just want to watch the world burn. Not all colored people steal, not all white cops are crooked, not all Muslims are terrorists, and not all Pokemons are catchable… When we start to classify murderers as murderers, terrorist as terrorist, shoplifters as shoplifters, and people as people, then…and only then can we start to see that race and religion does not make you perform a crime. Your mindset and morals do.

We Fight Hate With Hate

     If there was absolutely ONE THING I learned taking history in highschool and college, it was during the Civil Rights Movment, the hate was fought off and won with love (not more hate). We take offense to posts on social media, so we make our own in order to offend the opposing party. We separate ourselves from those we find “not in our group”. Most importantly, we soak in all the hate from others, feed off their energy, and use it in our everyday life (fight with family, abuse your spouse, or go off at someone at work). As humans, we feed off of each other’s emotions, energy, vibes, or whatever else you want to call it. We witness so much hate and much like a fire burning a stick, we brush our hatred alongside another stick so it too can get burned as we whither away in ash (bitterness), leaving nothing but a bitter soul while influencing the spread of hate. Next time someone offends you, either educate them, tell them you will pray for them, or kill them with kindness. Life is too short to hate one another. Next thing you know, you will be bitter and alone wondering where you went wrong.

We Do Not Accept Love

     Last but not least, we as people do not accept love or kindness. Maybe our avoidance of love is from all the hate, insults, mocking, and isolation we have had in the past. Either way, we focus all our energy on hate and cannot even accept love when it is staring us right in the face. I am not just talking about your partner. I am talking about family, friends, and partners. We see the “hey, what up” text messages as annoying and too simple, yet that could be someone’s way of checking on you. We see some goodbyes as abandonment, when that person may deeply feel that them leaving your life is what’s best for your future. We see laws being passed as limitations on our rights, when they are made to protect us from consequences brought by our actions. We do not accept or focus on the love and care regardless of how much or how little it may be. We hate, because we refuse to love. We refuse to love thy neighbor, refuse to love life, and refuse to move forward….together.

These past few years all I have seen is complete hatred on social media, television, and daily social interactions. We need to change, or life itself will breed hatred. We all bleed red, yet we all breed hate. Some people out there only wish to watch the world burn, but those of us who care have the power to change the course of our community, society,nation…..WORLD.

Thank you for your time, have a great day, and God bless!

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