Those With Baggage

Those With Baggage

     Sometimes when taken advantage of, let down, or just abandoned, we start to feel like we are baggage and a burden to those that may enter our life. We may have a chaotic life that no one understands, we may have made choices in our past that we think no one will forgive/understand, or we may have our own insecurities and feel like we are too emotionally/mentally unstable to be in a relationship. What we need to remember is that those with baggage…..are actually gifts. When you sit back and think about it, those who have baggage all have similar pasts and personalities. Those who “have baggage” usually have been hurt, are too kind (and are taken advantage of because of it), and have a rough past. These individuals usually think of themselves as burdens and tend to not be as social. Today I want to let these individuals know, and help those who do not have this issue realize that “having baggage” is not really baggage for someone….but rather a gift.

Baggage Comes In All Shapes And Forms

     Before I get into why those “with baggage” are actually gifts, I want to clarify what I mean by baggage. “Baggage” is anything an individual brings into someone else’s life that could have an affect on their life. This could be (but not limited to) already having kids, emotional instability, financial instability, and too many priorities to have a healthy relationship. With divorce, cheating, abuse, and getting used being more common with both sexes, “baggage” and rough pasts are becoming more and more of the norm. 

Those With Scars Are The Kindest

     We tend to think of those who have been hurt to toughen up and overtime become desensitized to their feelings. What happens is the individuals actually feel more and more throughout life to where their feelings can even become overwhelming. This makes these individual more prone to emotional/mental pain. What we do not realize with this is the good in their kindness. People seem to take their past as a reason to continue treating them how they have been treated, when we could be having someone in our life that truly cares for us. We’re so focused on someone who is of high status, high income, and has their life put together, that we skip over those that would legitimately love us unconditionally. In a world like today, that is more rare to come by than you can imagine. Learn to appreciate their kindness and your perspective of their “baggage” will change.

Learn From Their Experiences

     One thing about rough pasts is experiencing suffering, pain, loneliness, and a sense of defeat. What these people with rough pasts can show us is life lessons. Not to trust just anyone, not to have kids before marriage, and to fully know the person before you get in a relationship are just examples. You can learn from the stories they have to tell and learn from their mistakes. They can give the kindness and care we all seek in a partner, as well as they can help us through life by teaching us by the mistakes they made in their past.

Have Better Understanding Of Feelings

     Those who have felt a lot, understand feelings. Those who have been emotionally damaged before (or are presently emotionally damaged) have more sympathy than most individuals. They understand pain and suffering. Why? Because they have been through it.They know how to comfort pain, because before they were the one wishes that had that comfort. They can sense pain, because they know how they behaved when in pain. Never overlook the value of an emotional connection and the ability for someone to be there and comfort you at your worse. Nowadays during times of debt, feeling lost, or struggle most partners would likely leave you. Those who have been through your situation or worse know how it feels and stay with you through it all. 

Are Motivation For Us To Fight

     Those who been through hell and back, then conquer their own problems in order to strive through life should be motivation to us all! Ever been cheated on? So has someone else. And they can teach you that you will in fact make it through and love again. Struggling with debt? There is someone out their that has gone through debt and no lives very luxurious through work ethic and smart moves in life. These people who have turned their troubles into reasons for success give us hope that we can do the same. 


     These people “with baggage” are not always going to “ruin your life”. They can in fact, change your life for the better. You just have to give them a chance. Maybe they can change your perspective of life. Maybe they can teach you from their life lessons. Maybe they can be by your side and really comfort you during your toughest times. Maybe…..just maybe, you can give them a chance. 

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