Why The World Stands Still

Why The World Stands Still

You have all heard the phrase “by ourselves we our weak, but together we are strong”. Nothing is more true than that phrase when describing our advancement in this world whether it be technologically, socially, mentally, and physically. Modern society is all about am”I’m gonna’ get mine” mentality. We tend to sacrifice our relationship with others and our love for this world just for our own success. Funny thing is, we cannot succeed without others. We cannot learn without being taught or given information (people who post content on the web feed you the information you google yourself), we cannot sell without buyers, and we cannot become the best without guidance. The world is full of potential when we help one another. Unfortunately, the world is also focused on everyone wanting their own success ONLY. This is a downfall of countless people. We lose that potential by minimizing our knowledge, helping hands, outreach, and approaches to just one person. That leaves a lot of potential on the table that could be of good use in advancing this world.

Second of all, we focus so hard on tearing each other down that we cannot help each other advance. There is a huge difference between critiques and insults. People focus all their energy on insults and tearing people down, that we cannot critique and build each other up. Now, we have everyone only wanting their own success, but also people who tear down others trying to succeed. This leaves no one successful, and everyone full of hatred for one another/doubting their own potential because of the insults they have received themselves. We cannot move forward as a society if we cannot move forward as people.

Last but not least, we complain on Facebook rather than solving issues ourselves. Everyone complains about their children’s coach, but no one is willing to coach the team. Everyone complains about the education system, yet no one has the knowledge to teach. Everyone complains about their partner, yet no one talks it out with them/leave them. We are full of complaints and SO LITTLE ACTION! We even complain about how polluted this world is, yet I see no one recycling or using an exhaust/fuel efficient vehicle. Complaints do nothing. Actions is everything.Now we have everyone only “getting theirs”, tearing each other down, and also complaining instead of fixing everything.

This is why the world stands still.We cannot advance when we do not want to improve. We rather feel better about ourselves manipulating the thoughts of others, focusing only on our own wealth, and thinking that talking about something actually gets stuff done. The world will continue to stay still until we fix these three issues. If you have any other reasons why the world will stay still, please comment below and start an educated discussion. If you like my blog feel free to +1, share, and subscribe. Thank you for your support!

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