The Door To Your Life

The Door To Your Life

     Life is funny isn’t it? We complain about our lives, yet there are two things that dictate your life. What actions we take and how we react to the actions of others. Nothing more and nothing less. Our entire life we seek to find external ways to improve our life, yet it is always right in front of us…Well, it is within us. Today I want to discuss “the door to our life”. This door is the entrance/exit for people, places, things, and really anything we are attached to in our life. As the door is the entrance, the room in itself is our life. The space within the room is the life you have lived. The longer you live, the bigger the room is. The bigger the room is, the more potential there is for more people to enter. This can be both beneficial or consequential towards your progress in life depending on who you allow in, and more importantly who you let leave.

A Shut Door Is Lost Opportunity

     Something I learned the hard way was leaving the door to my life shut. This means leaving it shut for people to both come in or leave. For the longest of time I had it imprinted in my head that I didn’t need anyone else besides the people I’m close to in my life. I would also imprint in my head that the people in my life now would be in my life forever. For personal growth through life, keeping the door open allows for those interested in your room (life) to pass by and enter. while those who are toxic to your life can leave. Some people will enter just to be nosy, some will be completely interested in your life, and some will enter just to take or destroy something in your room out of spike. Regardless, leaving your door opens allows the chance of good people to enter and bad people to leave.

     Some people get tired of your room. They want to check out other rooms, visit different houses, even leave for good regardless of their reason. By keeping the door shut and not allowing them to leave you are slowly irritating their impression of the room. Sometimes people need a change of pace, scenery, and company. That’s perfectly fine, because just like you, they too are working on their own life and personal growth. Do not keep others from their personal growth, because you refuse to work on your own.

Monitor The Door

     Just because you leave the door open does not mean you should let absolutely anyone in your room. Keep check of the door. If someone who is obviously their for the wrong reasons, ask them to leave or do not let them in. Some of us tend to allow anyone to enter our life without getting to know them or their intentions first, which later we explain as “mistakes”. It’s your room…..why wouldn’t you get to know everyone that is wanting to come in?

Overstaying Your Welcome

     Sometimes people in our life like to linger. They entered your life with you thinking they had a purpose in it, but later you realize they become to be “just there”. They don’t enjoy being in your life, you don’t enjoy them being in your life (now I am not saying you hate them, but they add nothing to your happiness or enjoyment in life), and you both are just in each others life, without the connection or enjoyment you had before. With this you can do one of many things. You can ask them to leave, talk with them about how you both can enjoy each others company, or allow them to stay as you both lose interest in one another more and more. Sometimes people need to go back to their house for awhile then come back in order to enjoy your company and vise versa. Learn when it is time for someone to go, and allow them/tell them to go so that you two can enjoy each others company when together.

The Aftermath

     Every room (I do not care how big,small, high maintenance, or impoverish) will have some sort of mess. We all have to clean a room one point in our life, if not every day. Take note of those willing to help you clean up the room when it becomes to chaotic (some people will actually put in voluntary effort to help you improve your life). Keep this in mind when they need help themselves, as well as never place more value on someone who just watched you clean compared to those who spent their time putting in effort as well. When it is time to clean the mess some people will even leave in order to avoid putting in effort into your life. That is another reason we should always keep our doors open and let them leave. People like this have no right to be inside.


     Life is always half what you do and half how you react to what others do. We complain so much about the others that we forget the other half is up to us. We must take responsibility for the door that leads people into our life. Though keeping the door shut is tempting during times of pain or confusion, we cannot grow if we do not evolve, grow, and change our company. We must keep the door to our life open so people can enter and exit as they please, because without an open door good people cannot enter and toxic people cannot exit. Just because the door should be open does not mean it should not be monitored. Always monitor the door, because you should know your company before allowing them into the privacy of your room, life, and feelings. When you know your company, you can make clearer decisions on who may enter and stay, while knowing when someone should leave. Just because someone is good to stay does not mean they cannot overstay their welcome. Eventually people become bored with the company and the room itself. We must allow these people to leave in order to gather themselves for when they are ready to enter again, for both their personal growth and your own personal growth. Always, and I mean ALWAYS pay attention to the aftermath. When the room is chaotic and needs to be clean, be weary of who stays to help voluntarily and who leaves to avoid the mess. Taking note of this can allow you to realize who should stay and who has no place to be in your room. The door to our life is ours, and ours only. Only we can make the calls. Only we can keep the door open or closed. Only we can monitor the door. Only we can make our room…..OUR LIFE, better!

Wherever you are…thank you for your time, have a great day everyone, and God bless!

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