Ask And You Shall Receive?

Ask And You Shall Receive?

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait?

     We have all heard the phrases “good things come to those who wait” and “ask and you shall receive”. Though very popular, Those who crave success have actually influenced the opposite mentality. It is very common to see those who are successful to have a “go get it” kind of approach to their goals, yet some people still believe waiting is their best option when it comes to success, and even life. Today I am here to share with you guys about why waiting for life to happen is no way to live. All my life (yeah, only all 21 years) I have sat back and thought that good things came to those who wait. In fact, this year is probably the first year I have started to take some sort of initiative in my life. Guess what? It may take more effort, but it’s working. There are times when waiting can be beneficial, but moving forward in life is not one of them.

The “Want” Versus “Desire” Approach

     There is a fine line between want and desire. Some say they are the same thing.I beg to differ. Want in itself ranges from very low to very high, usually used with everyday things. Desire in itself is a very strong attachment to a given person, place, thing, or idea. Why is this important? The importance of this is that when you want something, the approach towards it will be much different than when you desire/crave it. Usually things you only “want” are things you can mentally, emotionally, and physically go without. Things that you desire are things we actually feel inside that we need. This will change how willing you are to let it slip away. How does this tie into the main point of this post? Because, when it comes to moving forward in life your approach and mentality is key to your progression. If you only “want” something, you will be willing to wait and things you “desire” are not. Before determining if good things come to those who wait, we must think of what out there are desires, and not just wants…Success, love, happiness, support, and even lust are all different desires. The more they sway towards desires, the more you actually have to put in effort to get, such as actually building a relationship with someone before receiving love. When what you are asking for sways more towards what you only WANT it is usually more easily asked for. This means that sometimes you can just ask for something, but it is usually simple things in life that do not hold much value to that person….let alone you. I focus more on the complex ideas that actually hold value to your life in this post, not simple objects that can be easily replaced. Now that we have that explained, let’s move on to why “ask and you shall receive” is invalid.

Wanting Never Got Anything Done

     In the fitness industry you always hear “think about exercise doesn’t burn any calories”. Same rule applies to absolutely anything. Wanting to get something done in itself……NEVER gets anything done. You can have all the passion in the world, but without action you will never receive what you desire. I can argue that if you do not decide to take the steps and make the sacrifices to make it happen…you never had the “passion” you described in the first place. Then again, that’s just me.

Waiting Wastes Time

     One of the biggest changes in my life is productivity. I stopped waiting to for opportunities and started working towards them. No I don’t make big jumps of progress. I slowly every day move one step forward. Why? Because waiting only wastes time. We as humans do not live forever. That means our dreams, desires, passions, and goals will all pass with us unless we accomplish what we set out to do/get. Sometimes we must find enjoyment in productivity. One of my goals in life is to help others, make a living off of what I love to do, and show the next generation that it is okay to care. As I talk to you now, I am moving one step closer to my dream. I started writing about self improvement and motivation to help others with issues in life I have faced in my own life. I am hoping to eventually get enough traffic with my social media, blog, and videos/live streams to one day make a living helping others. I write these posts to show people in a “no f*** given” is cool world that caring can make all the difference in your life…and the life of others. Wasting time is not an option for me, and it shouldn’t be for you either. We all have a role on this earth. We all have a purpose. 

Opportunities Are Just Potential

       Life is what you make it. Opportunities in life come from chance and come from you finding them. Even with opportunities, outcomes do not happen without action. Opportunity is only potential when not acted upon. Just because life has given you an opportunity does not mean you will get an outcome from it. Opportunity allows you to have a chance, but without actions your chance is wasted. Quit waiting for the opportunity, and work towards one. When you get an opportunity from either waiting or working towards it…USE IT! That may be your only opportunity of that kind to move forward in your life…


     Just because you ask for something does not mean that you will receive it. The things that hold most value towards your life are earned not given. We must determine if something is a want or need in order to determine how much effort you should be focusing on attaining it. Much like thinking about exercising does not burn calories, wanting never got anything done. Waiting in itself is wasting time. Focus on being more productive with your life and you will always be moving forward instead of waiting. Last but not least, opportunities in your life are just potential for your dreams to come true. You cannot just watch them go by. You must realize them, take action, and make your life what you want it to be. 

Wherever you are…thank you for your time, have a great day everyone, and God bless!

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