Making 24 Hours Count

Making 24 Hours Count

     Ever heard or said the phrase “24 hours in a day just isn’t enough”? Sounds Familiar, right? To many 24 hours in itself does not really feel even close to enough hours in the day. The problem with this statement is that when efficient, 24 hours is more than enough for most people (some exceptions due to more priorities than others). Today I want to explain how I have became more efficient with my time, expanded my outreach, and started to fit what I need to in 24 hours. 

Productive Enjoyment

     The absolute first thing to discuss when making 24 hours count is your free time. During our spare time (if we have any) most people absolutely LOVE to do something unproductive whether it be watching television, drinking, or playing games. What if I told you you could make your spare time fun and productive? I have actually stopped watching television (if I do watch, it is only 30 minutes at a time until I go do something), gaming, and taking naps. I started utilizing “productive enjoyment” (I talked about this before on my Youtube Channel). Productive enjoyment is just like it sounds. You are being productive during times of enjoyment (go figure). An example would be me replacing my television habits with listening to informational podcasts/seminars while doing something, blogging instead of gaming, and being on my YOUNOW account broadcasting instead of wasting time napping. All three of these replacements have increased my traffic to my social media and slowly builds my ability to execute efficient business from home. Each one of these I deeply enjoy and will probably never go back to my old ways due to the benefits in marketing and networking I acquire.

Recover For Efficiency, Not Enjoyment

     One of the biggest game changers in my productivity is realizing that recovery such as sleep and eating is purely just for efficiency. I only sleep as much as my body needs by letting my body wake up naturally (sometimes at 4am and sometimes at 8am). When it comes to eating, I do eat consistently on my own diet I customized, but I do not linger or stare at the fridge overthinking my decisions. I usually eat the same thing almost everyday, which takes away time I would be making choices, calculating my macronutrients/calories, and finding what I need. With how much I eat, that helps me lower my time eating by quite a bit.

Connect Your Outreach

     Now this is something I usually recommend to small business owners or people who are trying to promote their site, channel, or blog. CONNECT YOUR OUTREACH! Being time efficient means not having to take 30 minutes posting to all your social media sites. Very common overlooked methods are linking your Instagram to your other social media platforms and Automating your blog posts/social media posts to all your others platforms with a 3rd party tool. Learning to be more efficient online can improve your traffic tenfold if you find the tools to do so. 

Weekly Agenda

     Sometimes 24 hours is not enough hours in the day. Not because we are not efficient enough, but because we expect too much out of 24 hours. Instead of focusing on a 24 hour window, focus more on a weekly schedule. Some days you will be doing specific tasks, and the others you will be doing other tasks. This way everything can be done, you can be focused on the tasks of the day, and you can feel less repetitive from day to day. By being more focused and feeling less repetitive, you can increase your efficiency purely by avoiding mental road blocks such as boredom.


Beneficial Multitasking

     Now I am sure that everyone here knows what multitasking is (doing two or more things at once). Multitasking is easy, but beneficial multitasking is not as so (yes, I made up another term). When you multitask, sometimes the two (or more) things that you are doing actually conflict with one another. An example would be trying to listen to the television and read at the same time. Words get mixed together and instead of being efficient with both, you cannot be efficient with either tasks. Beneficial multitasking is when you can multitask with full efficiency. This could be live video streaming while you blog, and reading what you type. No words are being jumbled, but you are making content on both platforms (such as blogger/wordpress and periscope multitasking). Another more common example would be listening to informative podcasts/seminars while walking to work, school, or of any location. Neither task deters from one another and you can multitask efficiently.



     In order to make every hour of our day count, we need to reevaluate our approach towards the day at hand. We must realize that enjoyment in itself does not have to be unproductive, forms of recovery is for increasing your efficiency, connecting your outreach can shorten the amount of time needed to reach different audiences, sometimes we must think longer term than just one day, and multitasking should be beneficial and efficient. Making 24 hours count does not just mean doing more. Making 24 hours count means being efficient with your time. 

Wherever you are…thank you for your time, have a great day everyone, and God bless!

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