Fueled By Positivity

Fueled By Positivity

     It has became too common in this world to be fueled by negativity. We focus all of our time on proving people wrong, beating out the anger, and letting hate drive our success. This may get you a little bit down the road, but this hate and negativity is like the wear on your tires without repair. Eventually you will stop and your tires will be able to take you no further. The wear on the tires is the negative emotions slowly eating at your character, your desire, your relationships, your decisions, and most importantly your life. Today I want to discuss why fueling your journey with positivity is the only way to live!
Bitter Feelings Cloud Perception
     You guys have all heard the phrase “your emotions cloud your judgement”. This cannot be any closer to the truth. Sometimes our emotions sway us to do things that we should not, or influence us to treat others with spike….harming our own life more than theirs (filling our life with hatred, revenge, and bitterness). How powerful is bitterness? Say you have someone you have loved for years in your life and they at some point cheated on you, abused you in any fashion, or abandoned you when you needed it most. You can either forgive them and accept them leaving your life/you needing to leave their life, or you can grow bitter about the person. Sometimes that bitter can grow to extreme levels and influence pure hatred for that person. If that person was right in front of you hanging off of a ledge holding on for dear life, what would you do? Some people grow so bitter, they would gladly let that person fall. Most (I wish it was all) would have learned to accept the past and forgive that person, ending with helping them from the ledge. At extreme levels our emotions can cloud our morals and life saving decisions. At lower levels bitterness can make us push people away from us (living life alone), lose jobs because of inability to get along/stay motivated, and have no desire or drive. Bitterness in itself grows small and the longer we focus on it and feed it, the more it will grow and take over our life. 
Naysayers Have No Right
     Ah, my favorite topic no one even talks about. It is far too common to hear someone say “I’ll prove the haters wrong” or “this is for the haters”. I actually find that quite funny, because no one personally hates you. Stop playing the victim. People don’t like seeing someone have success or be happy when they refuse to change their ways in order to be successful and happy. Misery absolutely loves company and is annoyed by those who refuse to stay. It’s not a personal things towards you. They just sulk in their own loss of ambition. Quit focusing on these “haters” as motivation. They have absolutely no right to be a reason for what you attain/can attain. You focus so hard on miserable people that you forget the supports. You forget those that gave you a helping hand when you needed it most just because you begin to grow bitter, thinking everyone is out to ruin your success. Let the ones who actually aided in your journey be your motivation….I mean….didn’t they help you? Don’t they deserve some credit to how far you’ve came? Or are the ones who insulted you more deserving of credit? Think differently about who you let take credit for your success and who motivates you. Naysayers have no right!
Negativity Becomes Instinct
     When you focus all your time and energy in something day in and day out it starts to become instinct. Deciding to fuel your journey by negativity can in fact transfer the negativity to other aspects of your life. Being pissed off about something is absolutely much easier than actually fixing the problem. This can become a habit to where instead of solving your situations in life or driving through difficult times, all you do is get pissed off and walk away. This can effect when in a relationship that is going through a tough time, working a job that requires a lot of effort even when tired, and school work that has short deadlines. Your negativity in itself can change your life entirely.
Positive Mindsets Brings Positive Outcomes
     Much like stated above, your emotions towards something can dictate how you react and what actions you place upon it. Leading a journey based on positivity can and will influence positive outcomes. The journey may be a little shaky, because what is triumph without struggle? When you are positive you act differently, you talk differently, you even carry yourself differently. You will be more enticed to socialize more, which will grow your network. You will carry yourself more and will be more approachable. You will strive for more and reach limits you never even new existed. When positive every actions and trait about you…..just changes! You become someone the same, yet a better version. That better version results in better relations, better opportunities, and even a better life.
Stress Relief Is Not Therapy
     Sometimes we focus on the negativity as fuel thinking it will solve our problems. Being someone in the fitness industry, I can tell you that this is probably the one most common misconceptions about lifting today. Lifting weights to beat out the anger is not therapy! Shocking right?! Lifting weights is a hobby that can provide health benefits both mentally and physically. What it cannot do is solve the problems you have in life (unless health and looking good are your only problems). When you have issues in life and you go to the gym for “therapy” you usually ALWAYS come back to find that the problem is still there. Therapy/Counseling is supposed to help you solve issues, find closure, and make life in itself better. Exercise does help alleviate depression and anxiety, but to a degree. It will not by itself get rid of depression or by itself get rid of your anxieties. What it can do is build up a mentality to have the courage to go deal with your problems. I see it time and time again. People go to the gym and I will ask why they lift and they say “therapy”, but they end up always having to come back to the gym the next day for another dose of stress relief. Stress relief and finding a solution are two entirely different things. Compare it to a headache. Say you may be sick (depression). You’re nauseous and your head won’t stop hurting (you are depressed and in so much emotional pain). Most people would just pop some pain relievers and wait 30 minutes for feel better for a couple hours (stress is temporarily relieved and then feel depressed again). We continue to mask the problem with pain relievers until it either goes away by itself (the stressor leaves your life) or you go to the doctor and actually get the situation taken care of (therapy and closure). Most of in life tend to wait for the first option, but the it never happens. So we live our life trying to relieve a stressor that will forever be there until we do something about it. This can make an impact on our journey and our perception of life. In order to be fueled with positivity we must get rid of the stressors in our life that influence us with negativity, not just avoid and mask them.
     Living a life fueled by positivity both has benefits towards your life and your outlook on it. Bitter feelings can cloud our perception of life, even of our morals. Staying clear of bitterness allows us to see the world for what it is and live a happier and healthier life. We tend to focus our motivation on the “haters” in our life without realizing it’s not personal against you and that we should be focusing our reason for succeeding on those who truly deserve it. I mean, don’t your supporters who help you deserve credit for you continuing your journey? Staying positive and having a positive approach towards anything leads positive outcomes. When you approach everything positivity you can encounter positive relations, opportunities, and outcomes in life. Last but not least, stress relief is only masking the issues. In order to live a positive life, you must find a solution to your problems. Not just mask them. Living is only potential for life, a negative mind wastes that potential, and a positive mind lives that potential to it’s fullest!

Wherever you are…thank you for your time, have a great day everyone, and God bless!

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