How to Stay Focused

How to Stay Focused

     Ever heard the phrase “keep you eyes on the prize”? I’m sure many of you who competed in your youth heard that phrase more than you can remember. This phrase in itself always reminded you to stay focused. Focus is quite interesting to me. Why? Because someone that is purely focused on something whether it be their partner, winning a game, or attaining wealth….they do not see anything besides the thing they are focused on. They truly perceive only the thing they are focused on and are oblivious to anything else around them. Ever see someone stop hanging out with their friends and family just to spend more time with their girlfriend, just to come back to them apologizing to everyone when the relationship is over? How about someone who plays selfishly on the field/court, all because all they want to do is win? Maybe even someone who never socializes or only socializes to people who can benefit them, because they are so focused on wealth and benefiting rather than social interactions. Focus is a powerful thing. It can impact our life and change how we perceive everything around us. Some could say focus can change life itself. Today I want to share with you guys how to stay focused on your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Trust In The Plan

     Most people who quit being focused, quit because they started to feel the plan was not working/not going to work. We tend to perceive success in anything as a linear process (always moving upward/forward at different rates). In reality, being successful in anything is FAR from linear. You will have setbacks, you will have slow weeks, you will regress….but that’s okay! Because with trusting in the plan (using a simple plan that has been proven to work or thought out intelligently) you will persevere through the difficulties to overcome and accomplish what you set out to do. Everyone is trying to find shortcuts to success, shortcuts to wealth, and shortcuts away from any hardships in life. Fact of life is the struggle is what makes the success. NO ONE ever accomplished anything with s*** without some sort of struggle or sacrifice. The sooner you get that in your head, the sooner you will be willing to fight through setbacks and struggle within your plan. You see, many people who share their success seem to only share about their success. Luckily, more and more people are sharing the actual struggles they went through to become a success. Some had to work multiple jobs, some people were homeless….hell, some people even had to start selling their body to make enough money  to support themselves and their family (not promoting it, just stating how far and low some people went). Trust in the plan realize their will be hardships and obstacles of all kinds, and most importantly persevere!

Eliminate Distractions

     Some of us do not have the will power to stay focused from the distractions in our life. It’s okay. Every one has their own strengths and every one has their own weaknesses. If you happen to not be able to focus because of distractions just simply…..remove them. I have had to do it, others have had to do it, and many (and I mean MANY) success stories dealt with eliminating distractions from their journey. Sometime removing yourself from the wrong crowd, getting rid of object you own, or staying busy is almost absolutely necessary to stay focused. Some call it sacrifice, but I say it’s an investment in your life. You benefit, so what exactly are we sacrificing? That’s my question. I get asked a lot if sacrificing partying and unhealthy habits is worth it…And I ask is it such a sacrifice if I live longer with no health conditions? Is it sacrifice if my body functions better than before? Is it a sacrifice if I have absolutely have everything I want out of life without the things they say I am sacrificing? Think about it…


     We all lose focus at one point in our journey. Half the battle in staying focused is realizing this. You WILL NOT ALWAYS stay focused. Your mind will start to wonder, your life will change course, and your focus will alter from time to time. What we can do is stay the course on our journey. This way when we are focused again we can be on course and still be moving towards our goals. We form habits. These habits keep us moving even when we are not focused. I cannot tell you the amount of times I woke up not wanting to work out, not wanting to eat, and not wanting to write content. Guess what? I did anyways, because it was too imprinted in my daily routine that my day just felt “off” if I did not do them. I ended up feeling absolutely better after doing it all and was able to make yet another day of my life count towards my dreams. Sometimes habit is bad, sometimes habit creates boredom, and sometimes habit can keep you moving forward when you do not have your mindset on the journey at hand. 

Do Something That You Love

     The last and most important way to stay focused is to love what you do. The more you enjoy something, the more you will find a REASON to continue. The more you dislike something, the more you will find an EXCUSE to quit. We get so caught up on short term success that we forget long term commitment is really what makes success happen. We work jobs we hate, talk to people we do not get along with, and start to feel miserable. Eventually we hit a breaking point and discontinue everything we do not enjoy, bringing us back to square one. Instead if we focused on what we do enjoy, the people we love being around, and the life we do want to live…..we will continue until success is met, then continue even further. 


     Staying focused during tough times, long journeys, and with distractions is not always easy. Sometimes we have to remember to stay the course when we are not focused, so that we may resume our journey when we have became focused again. Trusting in the plan and realizing that success in anything is not linear can help you stay strong and focused with any endeavor during those tough times. Some of us do not have the will power that others may have. That means having to actually remove distractions from our life in order to stay focused and not linger from the path we have set out for our self. We all lose focus at one point and that is perfectly natural. What we must do is stay consistent in order to form beneficial habits, so when we are not focused we can still do the tasks needed to be done in order to progress within our journey. Stay the course and your focus will come back when you are ready to move full force in the direction of life your journey is taking you. Last but not least, do something you love. The more you enjoy something, the more you will find a REASON to continue. The more you dislike something, the more you will find an EXCUSE to quit. Staying focused requires will power, but more times it requires just knowing HOW to stay focused. 

Wherever you are…thank you for your time, have a great day everyone, and God bless!

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