Finding Enjoyment Again

Finding Enjoyment Again

     Much like losing motivation, we all at times lose enjoyment in doing the things we love most. When we lose enjoyment we start to think maybe we should move on to something else. Sometimes we think there is something wrong with us and our body. Fact is most of the time when lose enjoyment in something we love it deals with our approach towards it, how much time we spend doing it, and who we surround ourselves with. Today I want to share with you guys how I starting enjoying a hobby of mine again after fully losing it. 

     After my lower back injury I had completely lost interest in working out. I went from squatting, pressing, and deadlifting hundreds of pounds hours on end multiple times a week….to doing isolation work most days. Some days even the isolation work hurt (sometimes couldn’t sit to do leg extensions). I completely lost my interest in working out, because I had lost everything I had worked for, could not work out how I wanted to, and did not like the exercises I was doing. I actually looked forward to my rest days more than my work out days. Hell, sometimes I still do when my back is stiff and irritated that day. Through it all, I got my enjoyment back. I started enjoying working out again and cannot wait to work out tomorrow. I want to share with you all how I gained enjoyment back after losing it. 

Stop Competing

     Now when I mean compete, I mean quit comparing your progress to others and quit pushing limits just for the sake of reaching those limits. I unfortunately has to actually stop competing in power lifting for awhile (could not squat, bench, or deadlift because back was so bad) but I am speaking about competing with others, not just participating in competitions. When I got injured, I got weaker. I got weaker and I knew I had lost hundreds off my total after some time. I was so focused on those numbers that ever session I worked out with hundreds less than I had before all I had imprinted in my mind was I was getting weaker. Even if I had improved weight on my leg extensions, machine chest press, or lat-pull-down….I still had “I am weaker than before” in my had and my competitive mindset kept me from enjoying what I absolutely love doing. For some people it could be running, video games, football, or anything really. If we get so focused on winning, we forget to actually enjoy what we are doing and do the things within that activity that make us most happy. What did I do to fix my lack of enjoyment because of a competitive mindset? I stopped caring about competing (and will not compete until I am healed for mentality reasons) and started treating lifting as what it was…..a hobby! I got so caught up into power lifting that I treated it as my profession. I treated increasing my maxes as my priority. What I had to realize is I stay active because I enjoy it and I had REAL priorities outside of the gym. Stop competing and start enjoying.

Spend Time Away

     Another reason that people stop enjoying what they do is because they overload their life with it. Much like constantly thinking about competition, I had the same issue with my time spent on the given activity. Though I truly love fitness, I let it consume my life and let it become boring/stale. I worked out, made Youtube videos about fitness, talked to people into fitness about fitness, watch fitness videos, wrote about fitness, taught people about fitness, am studying fitness…….A whole lot of fitness! I literally wanted more than just that. I started looking forward to non-fitness related activities such as gaming, chatting about other things, movies, hanging out, and basically anything that was not fitness related. As I have cut back on letting fitness overwhelm my life, I have started looking forward to working out again. I have started to become anxious and excited to learn more in my field of Human Performance. We sometimes need time away from something in order to feel refreshed and anxious again. If you are someone that overwhelms your life with a given activity, person, or place, then try spending some time away and come back when you are ready.

Reevaluate Your Company

     If you have stopped being competitive and have spent some time away from the given activity/thing you lost enjoyment in, maybe it is time to reevaluate the people you are around. Your company and environment has more of an impact on your life than you can even imagine. Countless times I have enjoyed something I have dreaded just because the people I were working with were full of life and very optimistic. Countless times I have gone to work out and people that join may be down. They put their headphones in, look down the whole time, get amped for ever set, throw their weightlifting belt down in anger because they missed a repetition, etc. I start to feed off of their vibe and unintentionally become more and more negative the longer I are around them. I eventually felt like I had to fight just to be optimistic, let alone focus during my work out. We naturally feed off of energy, vibes, karma…..whatever you want to call it. It is in our nature. We as people feel other people’s pain, happiness, and anger. If people you are around are always miserable and let you soak in their misery as well, you may need to find different company. Find people that will uplift you, motivate you, be optimistic, and allow you to be limitless with your ambitions. Many times, just changing who you are around can make all the difference!


     In order to find enjoyment in the things we love, we must take a few steps to reevaluate why we had lost enjoyment. Sometimes it could be we focus too much on the end result and forget to enjoy the process. Other times it could be that we have overwhelmed ourselves with what we love and need some time away from it as well as have a better balance within our life. The rest of the time we may just need to find different people or a different place to be around. It is not that the thing you enjoy has lost it’s ability to be enjoyed. Rather, we have approached it in a way that makes us lose enjoyment. 

Wherever you are…thank you for your time, have a great day everyone, and God bless!

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