Life Changing Mentality Changes

Life Changing Mentality Changes

     In my previous article Handling The Grief Of Loss I discuss the three phases in the cycle of life. Birth, growth and death are equal in importance when it comes to the cycle of life. What we tend to remember is everyone that is born must die, but we forget that what happens in between is what makes growth as important as both birth and death. When we think of growth, we tend to picture the superficial/biological changes that take us from childhood to adulthood. Though this is a sort of “growing up”, this in itself does not fully complete the growth phase of our life. Growth is both internal and external, biological and psychological, even emotional and spiritual. We tend to limit the amount of emphasis we put on all aspects of growth. We try so hard to focus on our external appearance and representation (muscles, breasts, facial hair, etc) that we tend to physically surpass our mentality. This leads to adults with weak mentalities and bitter perceptions of life (due to letting events in life break them down). Today I want to discuss life changing mentality changes I have used and I believe many can use in order to change their perception/approach to life, and in result have a happier, more fulfilling life. 

Change “good things come to those who wait” into “Pray like it’s in God’s hands and work like it’s in yours”

     To tell you the truth I found the second quote not so long ago. Though I had not found it until recently, it is exactly how I have been changing my life without knowing the words to describe the changes being made. People get into the habit of waiting. Waiting for food, waiting for investments, waiting for a text….etc. People wait. What happens when we wait is we give up time in our life increase the possibility of something happening. With using both faith and action you can “take charge” of your life by making things happen both by your own work and the work of your faith. Use your faith as your support and backbone to keep your internal drive alive and use your actions as a means to “make s*** happen”. With both action and internal drive what can we not do?

Change “I hate everything around me” into “I don’t need what is around me”

     A huge change I have made in my life is getting rid of everything that brings me down in any form or fashion (motivation, confidence, passion, etc). I hear constantly people complain about the people around them, the city they live in, their friends, and even their partner. Instead of staying around thing you hate so much, why not let go of what brings you down? You don’t need what doesn’t lift you up. Stop thinking you hate something and starting realizing you do not need it. Get rid of it. Instead of complaining, start changing. It may just be the rock you were tied down to, which keeps you from ascending to your true potential. 

Change “finding happiness” into “living through happiness”

     Happiness has got to be the most popular answer when asking someone what their life goal is. What’s wrong with that is that happiness is a state of mind. It is not an event. Happiness is felt, not attained. Happiness is a state of mind, not something you can find externally. I see it time and time again, people lose happiness in what they are doing or who they are with because of their state of mind. They get bored, lose ambition, and their happiness suffers because they do not feel the same as they did before. What we tend to forget is that happiness is based off of your own perception of your life. Perception is constant and so is your decision to be happy. Happiness is the approach towards life and the faster we realize this, the faster we can live in pure happiness. People search their entire life for things that will make them happy (such as wealth, fame, and lust), but never find happiness until they start to search within themselves. 

“I will prove the haters wrong” into “I will prove my supporters right

     I actually discussed this in my post Fueled By Positivity not too long ago. There is nothing wrong with finding motivation, but by what you put your motivation behind will dictate your mentality and approach towards achieving your goals. With negativity comes bitterness and hate. With positivity comes happiness and love. When aiming to achieve your goals fueled by hate, we tend to become too bitter to continue our journey. We do not take opportunities, we do not socialize and grow our network, and we end up losing passion for what we had originally set out to accomplish. When aiming to achieve your goals with happiness and positivity, we tend to be more driven. We take more risks, socialize more and grow our network circles, help others, and inspire others to do the same. Being either fueled by hate or love can get you started, but being fueled by hate with corrupt you from the inside and rot you inside-out before you reach your goals, while being fueled by love will keep you driven by those who support you to continue regardless of the obstacles you may encounter. 

Change “Success is the best revenge” into “Success is the only option”

     Last but not least we have people using success as a form of revenge, rather than a form of goal. When stating that success is the best revenge, we are really aiming for revenge and not success itself. We can refer to the last paragraph what happens when you fuel your journey by hate, bitterness, and revenge. What we need to focus on instead is success in itself and our own definition of success being our only option. Your goal should be a goal that involves internal fulfillment, not external attainment. Treat this internal fulfillment as a priority, not something on the side. Life is meant to be felt. Life is meant to be fulfilling. Life should be lived. Instead we focus too much on reacting towards the things around us (such as revenge). So much that we forget to create our own actions that the world itself should react to and become a better place. 


       We focus so much on how special birth is and how we should live before death arrives, but we forget to grow in the process. Growth in itself is not just physical. We should grow in every aspect of our being. Changing and evolving our mentality is important in the growth phase of our life and can change the course of our life itself. By changing popular mentalities for others we can mold our life into the one we dream of. Waiting for life to happens is a waste of our time and does not ensure us that what we wait for will come to us. Instead we can go to what we want and use our faith to keep us internally driven, even during times of struggle and difficulty. We all have things we dislike in life. Instead of complaining about the things around us that bring us down, we should let go of them. The negativity around us may be the negativity that is killing your confidence from accomplishing your dreams. Most of us have our life goal as finding happiness. Instead of trying to find happiness, travel in pure happiness. Happiness is a state of mind and something you feel. Happiness is not something you attain. Sometimes when chasing happiness we may use negativity or positivity as our motivation to start our journey. Instead of focusing on the negative that will corrupt your journey, decide to be fueled by positivity that will aid your journey. Being fueled by positivity can lead to more opportunities, consistency, discipline, a love for what you do, and so much more! And lastly we should change our way of setting goals. Instead of setting a goal that is build off a negative goal or setting a goal that is to attain something, set goals that fulfill your life. Focus on goals that act on this world and make it react…..and becoming a better place. 

Wherever you are…thank you for your time, have a great day everyone, and God bless!

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