Why Do We Work Out? (The Number 1 Fitness Question)

Why Do We Work Out?

Note: This was my FIRST EVER blog post that I had copied from my old blog. Enjoy 🙂

For many the fitness industry can be seen as show offs or people insecure and trying to look good naked. What no one tells you is the REAL reason we train. Shocking to find out this reason is an emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental ascension. Crazy right? No one speaks of this for what reason? I have no clue.  The way we push ourselves physically is more than physical, it is more than a stress release, it is more….than exercise.

We push ourselves because of the ascension of our soul. “What?!”…yes you read that correctly. ” Well then…how so?” This is an “experience only topic”, as you cannot describe in full detail the benefits of this magnificent source of enlightenment. It is within us, and only within us that we can ascend above the earth and life we are chained down to.

If anyone tells you the same story, know they have experienced pain and resentment to get there as no one is willing unless they crave the discomfort that is required to evolve. If they tell you they can describe this feeling they are either lying or going to ruin your concept of this evolution. So what is it?

The breaking point and joining of the body,mind, and spirit is the evolution taking place. Your mind drifts from your actions, you cannot feel pain or your body at all anymore, and your spirit does not feel the burdens of this world. This is something I read about in the beginning of my power lifting journey in which Dave Tate called this moment…”the void”. This moment of nothingness but altogether everything. This is the moment we ascend. This is something that must be experienced and felt as it is not the same for everyone and is only something you can witness through experience. Different styles of training, different music, and different thoughts trigger this escape for different individuals. At this moment you are everything and nothing at the same time. You accept and disregard life at once. This “void” to many of us is home. This is where we love to be and where we find our true selves. Without this…. the heavy weighs, the jacked and tan bodies, the stares and questions…they mean nothing. This is where we feel at peace.

The moment you return back to your normal state there is something different…something….has changed. You hold your head higher, talk more assertive, feel more intact with the world. This is the feeling of evolving. We decide to continue to evolve at the gym, the track, the court, the pool, where you train for your sport…because this is what evolves our character…our being. We train to mold ourselves from the inside first. The gym does not matter if we don’t use it to mold our character to help us through life. Once you realize training is an evolution of your being and not just exercise, you have the opportunity to ascend. Train the mind and the body will follow.

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