The FREE Home Work Out (No Equipment Needed)


Note: This work out plan is free! All I ask in return is for anyone who uses it to share this post link, as well as post about your progress using this routine (linking back to this post). Thank you 🙂

Home Work Out:

Not everyone has money to buy equipment or a gym membership but everyone has the right to be as fit and healthy as they want to be. This program gives everyone the tools to develop the body they desire. The training utilizes high frequency, full body training, and high intensity interval training to develop the body and health they want.

The first thing is how do we train with nothing to use? Look at yourself in the mirror. That is you all you need to get yourself fit! With a mixture of plyometrics and body weight exercises you can gain muscle and stay healthy without paying a dime (besides maybe some resistant bands if needed).

The routine will consist of training only three times a week and can be done anywhere. All you need is somewhere to hang, open space, and a desire to be fit and strong. This full body training will help you train more often as well as be more metabolic everyday for those weight loss seekers. This style of training is done in a fast paced way so the muscles will be worked hard while keeping your metabolism soaring.

The program will consist of two workouts labeled A workout and B workout. A workouts will be intense and brutal while B workouts will still be challenging, but will be easier to recover from. The weekly schedule will start with A workout on Monday and Friday with B workout on Wednesday. This will translate to an ABA split. Now week 2 you will flip the letter with a BAB split. This keep the weeks different as well as switching your intense and recover weeks. Each session will be full body which means each session has 1 push,pull,legs, abs, and conditioning exercise.

Phase to phase the times will change pertaining to sets and rest. As the weeks go by there will be less rest and more time doing a set. This gives the benefit of doing more reps as well as keeping your body challenged and changing for the better.


Note: Any exercises you cannot do, replace with either an easier variation or use resistance bands (or any available equipment at home) instead.

The training:

A workout

Pushups or dips 5 sets

Pull ups or inverted row 5 sets

Squat Jumps 5 sets

Ab rollouts or situps 5 sets

Sprints 5 sets

B workout

Vertical band presses 5 sets

Band pullaparts 5 sets

Lunges 5 sets

leg raises 5 sets

Jog or walk 10 minutes


The time spent on sets and rest:

Week 1-2

5 sets of 15 seconds on 30 seconds off

Week 3-4

5 sets of 30 seconds on 30 seconds off

Week 5-6

5 sets of 30 seconds on 45 seconds off

Week 7-8

5 sets of 45 seconds on 45 seconds off

Week 9-10

5 sets of 45 seconds on 30 seconds off

Week 11-12

5 sets of 45 seconds on 15 seconds off


Next cycle repeat, but with added resistance on each exercise if needed. (Resistance bands/weighted vests/ankle weights)

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