Change Your Perception

Change Your Perception



For most of us, the battle we fight everyday is not physical. This battle we fight is mental. As most use “it’s all in your head”. This couldn’t be any closer to the truth. Your mind is the most powerful thing you have in changing your life, and guess what? You are the only one in control. This seems very hard for most people to consider, but you are in charge when it’s dealing with your life. Regardless of what happens in your life, it is how you register the events that determines how the events affects your life. For those who understand that changing your perception of life can help change your entire concept of all situations, it may seem a little difficult in how you do this. You may know the premise of the concept, but you don’t know how to put it into practice. Below I will list the different ways to change your perception of life, without changing anything besides your thoughts (warning: better choices and situations may arise from using these tips).

The first and most important tip would be to focus on your strength and not your weaknesses. This is usually said as “focus on the positives and not the negatives”. When I deal with the mind, I like to think of a neutral playing field. That means leaving out your entire life’s worth of concepts dealing with positive and negative. Now that everything is neutral. I think of what I am good at, or what I am capable of rather than what I am lacking, or not capable of. This can mean looking at what you can do during a situation rather than focusing on what you are not able to do. Being clear on your options and what you can do will help you make clearer decisions based off of valid options, without overwhelming yourself with thoughts of failing (focusing on things you can’t do will bring out doubt and fear while limiting your ability to act according to the situation).Another example of “focusing on the positive” is to see the situation as an opportunity to improve. Being able to improve is always a good thing, regardless of where you are at in life. Always focus on moving forward. Rather than thinking of having stuff to get done, think of being given a chance to get farther in life. You need a job? Cool, now you can get further in your ability to support your family. You need to go to school and study like crazy? Cool, you have the opportunity to get a degree WHICH ALLOWS you to get a greater job. Being stagnant is as good as not being alive. “I’m going to just go with the flow.” Well, dead fishes go with the flow of the river. Being able to grow as a person is what makes life beautiful. We do live because we are rich, we live because we will all die. Without death, is without life, and vise versa. We live to grow, we grow to live, and we live to die. Without growth, we skip from being born to being dead. Seek the opportunity to improve.

When given a situation that affects you personally whether it be physically,  mentally, or spiritually know that instead of thinking that we have to change, think of yourself as evolving. When changing is seen as taking something away to have something else, evolving is changing gfor the better. Becoming a better person not only by the change in your life, but the trials you have to go through to get there. To make this tip more effective, I usually think of evolving for a purpose. This could be losing your job having to find a lower standard job. The new job happens to be helping stray animals find a home. You could think of this as losing salary, or you could think of this as becoming a better person and doing something you can love, make money from, and make a difference in this world by not only helping an animal have a longer life span (being fed and healthy in a loving home) and the help a kid have a more loving life (have a companion in which they can love and trust).

A part of changing your perception of life for the better, is taking the responsibility for your responsibilities.  Though this may seem conter productive in some cases (death in the family) and shouldn’t be used, for most cases I would guarantee this would be beneficial. If you had a test you failed, do not blame those who did not help you. Blame yourself for not asking enough questions, for not studying enough, for not going over the material in an efficient manner. Take the initiative to learn however it is you can. Wether it be finding a tutor, looking it up online, or reading a book, you can find a way to teach yourself rather than relying on or blaming other. Many may need experience in the field of study they want to pursue. If you need the experience, than go out and get the experience rather than trying to find the lowest possible experience required job/task. If you are bullied for being over weight, instead of hating every one….change your weight or ignore them (I know I will get a lot of hate for this, but in reality if you really do not like getting bullied, the easiest thing you can do is take initiative and either ignore people or change your weight). If you are being teased and called a “slut”, higher your partner standards and change the way you go about relationships. Simple actions can be taken, yet everyone rather complain rather than take the responsibility. If you do not know something, teach yourself.

This branches off of the whole “look at the positive” concept though explained a little more different. Being able to focus strictly on your goals is a tactic used by many who are aware of their obstacles, but also know being too focused on them is a very bad decision. When being focused on the obstacles, many are strayed aware from their goals and seem to linger more towards the obstacle. This is due to the effect focus has on the path you choose. When you are driving and are focusing on staying on the road, you do not stare at the grass because you blind yourself from other obstacles (cars) and you also find that when you focus all your energy on an obstacle, you actually blind yourself of your goal (staying on the road). As humans, we all have limited focus (explains why many must find quiet places to study or drive without loud music). In order to optimize your journey, you must put focus on what is most important, while leaving the most minimal amount of focus on obstacles (being at least aware of obstacles keeps you within your boundaries).Another point of focusing on your goal is focusing on the big picture. You may have to take 2 steps back to take 3 steps forward, hell, you may have to take 4567 steps back and 4568 steps forward, but keeping your eye on the big picture will help you stay focused on your goal. Another part of being focused on your goal is making choices accordingly. It’s safe to say most of the audience is aware of alcohol and it’s ability to make friends peer pressure one another. This is where you use your focus on your goal. Let’s say you are on a diet prescribed to you by your doctor to get healthier and your goal was to be healthy. Say this being overweight actually makes you have abdominal pain or insomnia. Drinking for a night may make you feel better for a few hours, but will also further enhance the health issue you have (between alcohol containing non nutrient calories, and the result of drinking is usually a bad choice of food). Declining the alcohol can make you miss out on “a good time”, but that’s focusing on the obstacle rather than the goal. One night of fun, or a life full of health…your choice.

I have to say, the final tool in changing your perception of life is a very difficult one to use. Being able to see thing in a different point of view can be very hard for most. When you cannot put your feeling aside, it makes neutral judgement impossible. The first step in changing point of view is knowing everyone has a life to live. Regardless of their salary, relationships, or even worries, everyone must breathe, move, and stay alive. Even if you find someone that is spoiled, you must realize they too must live their life, however their cards were dealt. The second thing would be to realize that everyone is different. You may like a certain concept, person, or object, but assuming everyone does is the wrong thing to do. What I do is always assume an individual does not have the same interests and aim to learn their interests. This means using a neutral based conversation with few opinions, while also listening to what they have to say with an open mind. Another part would be sympathizing accordingly. This means to sympathize the person or situation by how it affected them, not you. You may not have been affected by an event, but understanding how it affects the other person can help you reach understanding and sympathize them accordingly. Be aware of others feelings by either seeing the situation from a neutral view, or “step in their shoes” for awhile. Part of the same idea is to learn different views, but for different reasons. Modern society is very closed minded and very open mouthed. Learn the views of others and take both their views and yours to learn the entire concept. This can go with culture, religion, knowledge, philosophy, or experiences. “Living through another” is a real thing and we can all learn from each other, whether it be understanding feelings, beliefs, or reasoning. The final part of this tool is to view your own self from a neutral position. This will mean analyzing yourself from a different point of view. (random example) Yes, you may have told someone to “shut up” because of their aim to annoy you, but did this make you in the right. If you take a step back and look at it differently, maybe that person was trying to poke fun at you to get your attention for a friendly game, but you took it at annoyance and hurt their feelings.Maybe they were trying really hard to get your attention because they feel neglected. Now they may feel that you feel very little of them, their feelings, and need for you to be a part of their life. Learning to use multiple point of views would solve most disputes, yet is the most difficult of all these tools.

The first step in changing your life is changing your perception of life. In order to change things, you must first have a clear and correct vision of what is needed to be done. Most of daily life battles are faced from within, and should be fought and conquered from within. You cannot fight a battle within, by only doing things on the outside. “You must quit listening to that bullshit story you tell yourself everyday”. Perception is a very intriquing thing for me, as this is what is the base of most religion and philosophy. Despite what most individuals tell you (mostly uneducated), all of the core religions have the same foundation…the only thing different was their point of view and perception. An idea so complex yet so simple as “perception” is the horrible thing that divides humanity, and yet is the miracle that can help anyone overcome any obstacle. Perception is everything, and everything is based off of perception.

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