Where You Come From Matters! (and not for the reason you think)

Where You Come From Matters!


All your life you were told that “where you come from doesn’t matter. It’s where you end up that does”. Well, I am here to tell you that that’s a big flat lie. Where you come from is one of the most important things to do with who you are a person, but is different than what most feel that means. Where you come from is the foundation of who you are, how you will be judged by others (though not seen as something you should be worried about, your representation given to others gives them the influence on whether have you in their plans), and the connections you build for later. Still not convinced? Let me go more into detail.

First, and foremost, you have experience. Where you come from can decide the experience you gather throughout life whether it be voluntary or involuntary. Experience is something that is priceless and utilized for later uses. Need skills for a job? Majority of the time you need experience. Want to be successful in dieting? You need experience manipulating nutrition (or hire someone who does if you havethat luxury). Want to be a good dancer? You must rack up hours and hours of dancing. Want to develop/increase strength? You must spend the time training, which is a life long journey (plenty of time for experience). Main point is you need experience in life, and gaining that experience early in life with or without wanting to is what will benefit you later in life.

(Note: Experience is important in life.)

Whether you believe it or not, who you know makes the world of difference now. You could be looking for a job, wanting to sell merchandise, gather support, ask information, or anything really that is based on your need for others. When you grow up with knowing ample amounts of people, you have a broader connection which can benefit you in your pursuits later in life. Those who grew up with a less social background do not have the connections needed for expanding their pursuit. This can be detrimental to many pursuits, or will require the individuals to spend time building their connections.

(Note: Connections and Networking is vital for business and promotion success.)

I feel where you comes from truly really effects your success with employment. Between growing up with little experience, having felonies, or no connections, you will have a much lower success rate with employment. If you do manage to find a job (which most will) it will be a lower payed job (due to requiring little experience and having little requirements/policies).

We all grew up hearing “it’s not what others think about you, but what you think about yourself”. As awesome as that sounds, we live in a superficial world full of judgmental people. You were raised to not judge, but does not mean everyone else did. I am not trying to be a “downer”. I am just being real with you and guess what? Reality is a b***. Minor things that deal with where you came from can have a big impact on the judgement placed on you (good or bad). Though these are things you cannot avoid, I would just like to keep individuals aware that it will happen.

(Note: You can become a better person, but cannot change a superficial world. Keep yourself professional, have self respect and respect for others, and give people no reason to place judgement.)

The last, but most important reason why where you come from and your past matters tremendously….is the development of your values, morals, respect, and work ethic. Each of these are priceless and important in life. Without these, we do not develop as people. Growth as a person is needed to live, and these values are personal growth. Your views on each one of these will evolve throughout your life, but your early years will determine which path you take.

(Note: How you were raised almost ALWAYS determines your morals, values, and interests.)

As you can see, where you come from and your past matters much more than you can imagine. Your beginning cannot be avoided and does not determine where you end up, but does effect the struggle you must go through to get to the same destination as someone with an “easier” life.

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Wherever you are…thank you for your time, have a great day everyone, and God bless!

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