THE BEST SUPPLEMENTS | New TigerFitness Affiliation Announcement


Hello everyone, I am here to announce my new affiliation with TigerFitness. After meeting Marc Lobliner (CEO of TigerFitness), watching his content for years, and talking with him, I felt like I really wanted to be a part of his company and give my opinion to others about the supplements I take. Below I explain why I believe in TigerFitness, why I became a TigerFitness Affiliate,  and why/when I would recommend supplements.

Why I Believe In TigerFitness?

After watching Marc’s content for years, trying out his products, and meeting him in person I knew his products were products I could trust. After doing research on the ingredients in his products and the ingredients in others, I could tell I was getting MORE of BETTER ingredients, and getting LESS of WORSE ingredients. Plus….that “Apple Pie Machine Whey” tasted amazing when I tried it!

Why Did I Become An Affiliate?

I signed up to become a TigerFitness affiliate, because I already promote his products endlessly on my periscope (ahmedjabaifit), why wouldn’t I want to give myself a reason to do it more? Why wouldn’t I want to benefit from my time? Why wouldn’t I want to get credit for the promotion that I do? My periscope followers know that I already recommended TigerFitness products WAAAAAY BEFORE I became an affiliate….and I do not plan to stop recommending them now.

Why/When Do I Recommend TigerFitness Products?

I recommend these products to those who are deficient in specific nutrients or do not have time to prep meals. Many people I talk to are full-time college students, work full-time, and have kids. They do not really have time to prepare all their meals while on the go. That is where supplements really shine. If you have time to cook and prepare every meal, I do not recommend replacing meals with supplements. The other reason why/when I recommend TigerFitness supplements is because of deficiencies. I myself have felt and performed better taking the “Multi+Green” every morning instead of coffee. My anxiety is down, I wake up feeling better, I sleep better, and I feel AMAZING! Supplements SUPPLEMENT your diet, but there are indeed some cases they greatly benefit you.



I am a new TigerFitness affiliate! I believe in TigerFitness because I believe in Marc’s ability to run a business, I became an affiliate because I already promote their products anyways, and I recommend supplements to people who have deficiencies and/or do not have time to prepare meals.


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