The “Fitness Industry” Is A JOKE!!!


This world is recently filled with sensitive, confused, and yet self righteous people (not everyone). The world as we know it has changed from us seeking to better ourselves, to the extreme lowering and raising of different standards. The fitness industry has became a laughing stock and has confused the vast majority of people in and interested in the fitness industry.

The growth of mass media has changed the way we look at things. Before, you used trial and error (or common sense) to figure out what improves your health and fitness, and what is detrimental to it. Throughout the years, as social media (or media in general) grew so did the growth of false information, scams, and accusations.

Starting with a more common effect to the blend of false information through mass media, society’s view of what is attainable naturally and what is attainable only with drugs has been blurred by the heaps of individuals who compete in tested divisions or claim natural (which cycle their anabolics to pass tests). These individuals have confused the minds of anyone new to the industry, or lack knowledge to be able to separate face from bulls***. On the other hand, we have “knowledgeable fitness Youtubers” who basically make a living making Youtube videos over who is natural and who is not. This leads endless fanboys to call anyone and everyone who looks decently muscular a “fake natty”. This has lead to the lowering of the standard for natural limits, as well as the increase of false accusations that aim to discredit natural hard work.

The next dilemma goes along with the previous effect brought by ourselves. Just like natural results being discredited by accusations of using pharmaceuticals, many have brought to the forefront the claim of being strict to your healthy lifestyle as obsessive. This may seem harmless at first glace, but declaring a lifestyle in which promotes health being considered obsessive can see individuals to seek a less healthy lifestyle and declare it as the norm of health. This can lead to less than desired results as well as increase chance in health conditions with the standards being set so low. I am perfectly fine with the whole “fat is beautiful” bandwagon, but beauty does not mean healthy. I really thought we learned that when we first realized Victoria’s Secret models were not healthy. Being overweight is not “bad” because of looks. It is “bad” because it raising chances of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many other health conditions.

Recently there was an up rise of “dad bods” as well as a backlash from the fitness enthusiasts.. Without even glancing at the stated reasons and the real reasons for this dad bad dilemma, the main reason I have this listed is because of the effects it has on the ways guys approach aesthetics. Majority of guys train for girls. That’s not an opinion, THAT IS A FACT. Not just men, but women as well. Woman also workout to be appealing to the opposite sex. When someone is convinced that the opposite sex does not find being more fit than the average person appealing, that individual ceases to feel that working out is necessary for their goal. Though this may be good for self esteem problems, the main focus is that more individuals will be less motivated to be fit because they can acquire their primary goal without any of the exercise and diet. I discuss this more in my post “The Three Worst Reasons To Workout”.

Another topic that has grown since technology has advanced is the topic of if working out is even necessary because of the advancement in technology reducing our need to be fit, or workouts being an excuse of “pretty boy work” rather than doing a taxing labor job such as hauling hay or beig a mover. Yes, technology has advanced to the point where we can do most things without physical effort, but the point of working out should not just be to complete tasks. The ones making this statement do not even comprehend the full benefit of exercise and strength. This argument is usually made by desk jockeys, sit at home moms, or farmer wives. This may be appealing to many people, but that’s because majority of them do not have the mentality to pursue their physical and mental limit.

This industry is smaller than we think yet is being represented as bigger than it really is. The “real industry” revolves around educators, the competitiors, and the researchers who use actual science and knowledge in their endeavors. What is thought of as part of the industry is the so called “fitness experts” or “gurus” without any kind of credentials besides they want to teach fitness. For a second let’s wonder how you can teach what you have no knowledge over…. This results in getting poor results, getting scammed, or having a false representation of what this industry is about… which would be teaching others physical education and how to live a healthy/fit lifestyle with an educated agenda. I see more and more individuals giving out advice to others about fad diets or supplements (zeal, herbalife, shakeology) which aren’t necessarily bad, but misinform the audience to thinking they NEED that product. Being part of this beautiful industry takes knowledge (certification or college degree in the field) , being fit and healthy (represent your industry), and share advice back by either trail/error or proven studies. (Note: When I say educator, I do not mean you have to be certified or have a degree. I mean that you should share your story and legitimate information in order to be a part of an industry. You cannot be part of a business without performing a job, correct?)

More shame has came to the fitness industry with a mediocre standard being popularized ( *cough* planet fitness). These standards are shown to help individuals whom don’t want to work hard or are just plain unhealthy, feel better about themselves by lowering standards rather than helping them increase theirs. This popularity in mediocrity and the fitness guru scams have divided the industry, making the idea of fitness become a blur. Novices who desire fast and easy results soak up all this information like a sponge without realizing the credentials of the presenters.

Another reason individuals are taking fitness less and less seriously starts with the youth. I’ve witnessed health and physical education classes become complete garbage while passing by the mandatory regulations. High school kids now have a choice to use other activities for their physical education credits while also not having to be in athletics. Now I am not all for forcing kids to be active, but given we all have functioning bodies shows what a disgrace it is to waste you abilities with the arms and legs you were blessed with. Every kid may not be able to read and write, but even individuals with disabilities use physical education to better themselves. As we grow up fitness becomes less and less important topic. Now these kids who slacked off with both their education and being active….ARE PARENTS!!!! New problems become present. The problem hides within the homes of each child. Though elementary has became more and more active, the lack of education in the household by the adults results in bad eating habits, activity habits, and social habits. These such results can cause a massive change in a child’s life. Being raised to be unhealthy starts with the education of the parents, yet the education of the parents have declined as these parents got older. This produces a cycles of less and less educated individuals being raises from less and less educated parents.

One final reason why the fitness industry has became a complete joke in this world is social media. Many of you reading has someone you look up to. Most of the time you take what they say as golden, right? This is the cause of much confusion in the industry. Most famous fitness models or types of competitors sell supplements stating how well it works and claiming it’s what got them that fit. This gives novices and the uneducated the idea that they can be like they’re role models by using the product. Not only this, but also gives the individuals a false assumption that genetics and pharmaceuticals did not play an important role in their physique as well. Many role models will also post about popularized diets and training for the sake of attention leading even more individuals into buying into the scam.

These reasons may seems very minor, but have made the industry the joke it is today. I truly love the industry for what it is, but not what it has become. The changing of this world and it’s industries have proven to show the corruption of people. Hopefully one day fitness can be about becoming fit and healthy, rather than making a quick buck….


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