Online Coaching (Online Personal Training) ONE CLICK AWAY!!!


Ever thought about hiring a personal trainer, but were too nervous to be seen in a gym with a trainer? Maybe you want to hire a personal trainer, but you cannot afford one? Even want to be informed about exercise and dieting without someone in your face telling you you are doing it wrong? ONLINE COACHING IS FOR YOU!

“What is Online Coaching?”

Online coaching is online personal training! The only difference is you can work out without having someone tell you what to do every second in the gym. You are able to exercise and follow the plan without feeling judged or feeling awkward having someone watching you.

“Well, what is included with Online Coaching?”

Online Coaching is not just a trainer emailing a client a workout program. It is much more than that. Online Coaching requires involves feedback and adjustments in order to give you the best fitness experience possible! Online Coaching comes with a workout plan customized specifically for you, daily meal advice, form analysis (if client sends in videos for coach to analyze), and weekly adjustments to routine. (Note: See more service options HERE)

“Well that’s awesome! Wait…..How much does this cost?”

Online Coaching is an affordable $75 a month!!!THAT’S IT!!! Payments are made at the beginning of the month via pay-pal.

“Hmmmmm, well what makes you credible to coach me?”

I am a NSCA certified personal trainer, competitive athlete, Kinesiology major, and fitness/nutrition content writer for Powerhouse Aesthetics.

“I’m sold! How do I start?”

All you have to do to start is contact me through my contact form. Or message me on any of my social media accounts below. IT’S THAT EASY! Looking forward to hear from you 🙂 It’s time you gave yourself the body AND THE LIFE YOU DESERVE!


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Wherever you are…thank you for your time, have a great day everyone, and God bless!

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