The DISCONNECT Experiment


Hello everyone! Today I would like to discuss with you all about my DISCONNECT EXPERIMENT.
“What in the world is the Disconnect Experiment and why are you doing this?”
The Disconnect Experiment is an experiment where you quit gaming, quit Web surfing, and delete social media applications off of your phone (only using them on your computer when you need them). I decided to try the Disconnect Experiment quite some time ago after not using my phone for a month and realizing the amount of time I would just sit and waste. Lately I realized I have an addiction. An addiction to ESCAPE. All my life I have played games, surfed the Internet endlessly, and did anything i could to just escape life. This is fine short term with stress relief, but what happens when the years waste away? What happens when you can never progress in life? Will you ever be proud of your life? Will you ever make a difference? Will you ever be happy? Are you wasting your potential? I started asking myself these questions and I came up with the Disconnect Experiment.
“Why is online addiction so harmful to your life?”
We get so caught up in our follower count that we forget to make friends, leading to a lonely life. We create and level up the biggest and strongest warriors in a game, but we do nothing to increase our physical abilities in real life. This leads to intimidation, difficulty in everyday tasks, and reality is……getting bullied. We get so caught up exploring the Internet that we forget to even explore the world around us. We spend so much time building and being involved in a world that can be so easily unplugged, that we forget to live the life that actually matters.
“How does the Disconnect Experiment benefit you?”
The Disconnect Experiment allows you to disconnect and get back to the world. Some may find this to be a permanent/lifestyle choice and permanently eliminate excessive Internet use. Those who do not find this experiment to be a permanent choice will atleast realize how much time they are online for nothing but a time-killer and seek to minimize distractions in order to live life more and escape it less. Many individuals will actually find their social skills, social awareness, and productivity greatly improve through more social exposure and less isolation time.
“How long is the experiment/”
The experiment is as long as you need until you realize the amount of time you spend online. It make take a day, a week, even a year! The goal is to realize how much time you waste escaping and adjust your life in order to live it.
It’s time to disconnect my friends, it’s time to disconnect from our escape and face this reality we call LIFE!

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Wherever you are…thank you for your time, have a great day everyone, and God bless!

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2 thoughts on “The DISCONNECT Experiment

  1. It’s difficult when most of your work requires online presence but I personally give myself “offline” time when I know it is starting to get too much. There was a time a few years ago where I tried to stay off all social medias and I couldn’t believe how much of a hard time I had in trying to fall asleep. Currently working on being fully present in all moments and this definitely helps re-instill that desire.

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    • I truly understand. I still use social media, but only when I’m on the computer writing or promoting. Can’t uninstall Facebook so its nearly impossible by having a phone lol. Just by deleting the other social media pages I’ve realized the amount of time I would scroll and also think of catchy captions for my images when posting. The experiment is more for staying off social media when you are not building content (blog, videos, groups, etc). Its to get online, get stuff done, then get off. Having an online focused plan as well, I have to be online to atleast some extent. The goal is minimizing that time in order to be more efficient and enjoy life. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts 🙂


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