Getting Rid Of Arm Flab


We’ve all had that one area where fat does not want to leave. That area that is last to shrink, but first to grow. For some people the back of the arm is a very difficult area to lose fat. These individuals will always wear sleeves and listen to gurus who preach “fat targeting” and inevitably “waist trainers”. The truth behind how to get rid of flabby arms (arm fat) seems very complex, but is actually quite simple. There are some things to consider before determining what actions you need to take. Below I will discuss some possible causes and their solutions (and in the order you should analyze and check off).


Cause 1) Body fat %: First off, if you’re body fat percentage is pretty high you will surely have “flabby” areas. A lot of people disregard the fat around their body while being fixated on a specific area. Time and time again I see someone with pretty high body fat claiming to do abdominal fat targeting. This is beyond ridiculous and should be avoided. Sometimes you’re body fat percentage will dictate how flabby these areas are.


Solution 1) Lower your body fat percentage by *gasp* dieting. Even when an area is the last to “tone up” (like most individual’s lower abdominals) if you get to a decent body fat percentage even the most stubborn areas should “tone” (most people under estimate their body fat percentage).  Girls hold more fat than guys generally because of hormones, so never hold unrealistic expectations for yourself. If you are male, know your expectations can be unrealistic as well (most guys want to look like fitness models who don’t even look like that year round, photo-shop, and take drugs).


Cause 2) Body Composition: The next step after dieting is realizing your muscle/fat ratio at specific areas. Some areas APPEAR “flabbier”, because of it’s soft appearance. When neglecting specific muscles, even when dieting that area will not look “toned”. Good example with myself would be when I am bulking, areas that have more muscle appear more lean due to the amount of muscle compared to body fat covering it. Another example would be guys weighing 130 pounds without 3D abdominals. That is because yes they’re low in body fat, but the muscle is non-existent. Same idea with other areas of the body.

Solution 2) Train every part of your body to make sure no area is lacking muscle. If you’re afraid of muscle, because you’re a girl Google some fitness models….not the anabolic/testosterone taking females you think are natural. If building muscle was so easy obesity wouldn’t be at an all time high. Never neglect exercise or building muscle. For the arms, I recommend working out the triceps to build some muscle, then combine with dieting to lower the fat covering it.


Cause 3) Loose Skin: Last, after all else has failed it is time to determine if it is just loose skin. Most individuals claim they have loose skin when they’re stomach still extends over their toes (and some guys can’t even find their manhood). If you have gotten to a low percentage of body fat and have built some muscle around the area, maybe it has something to do with loose skin. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT claim loose skin before fixing cause 1 and 2. This should be the last step of the process. Not only will you fix the arm flab, but will become all around healthier in the process.


Solution 3) Either live with it and be proud of your body and appreciate you even have one…..or you can have surgery. Your choice. I recommend just being happy with the body God gave you, but if you truly cannot live with it I recommend seeing a professional. You should not ever hate your body, feel you have to hide it, or feel you MUST change it. This decision is 100% yours to make.


As you can see, I don’t promise my ridiculous product “arm flab be gone 1000” will be the solution, but rather give you something you can actually use to help…..knowledge. With that said, it is up to you to change your life or pointlessly keep trying different creams and trainers. The decision is yours.


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