How To Balance Life And Fitness

“I don’t have time to get in shape” is by far the most common excuse for people not achieving their fitness goals. Fair enough…..or is it?

We all have 24 hours in a day, but what you do with those 24 hours is what keeps time from being a limiting factor. Fitness is not about revolving your life around the gym, but rather about incorporating exercise into your life in order to have a better quality of life. In this article I cover ways to incorporate fitness and health into your life without sacrificing your social life or enjoyment in life….




A Case For Unilateral Exercises

A Case For Unilateral Exercises
Some of you may be wondering  “if the big 3 are the kings of all exercises, why the hell do we need unilateral (single limb) exercises in our work out routines?!” For those of you who only train heavy, doing unilateral exercises can greatly benefit your progress. Doing unilateral (single limb) exercises such as lunges, dumbbell presses, and dumbbell rows can help you develop symmetry, improve your core strength and your stability, improve range of motion, and much more! In this article I explain reasons why everyone should consider incorporating unilateral exercises into their training.




Progressive Overload 101 (Which is the best method?)

Progressive Overload
If you have read enough fitness articles or follow a few fitness youtubers, you learn that the biggest factor for training progress is progressive overload. In short, progressive overload is adding a stimulus your body is not used to in order to trigger an adaptation. Though you may know how important progressive overload is, you may not know different ways to facilitate it. Most individuals think of progressive overload as adding weight to the bar, which is the most common form of progressive overload. Though that is one way to progressive overload, that is not the only way. Below I will list and explain different ways to progressive overload in your workouts.

In this article I will cover the various methods of progressive overload and which one is the best!


Build More Muscle In Less Time


Building More Muscle In Less Time

Sounds too good to be true, right? That you can build even more muscle in less time. Well, believe it or not you actually can! It’s not from a super food, magic pill, new training secret, or fancy equipment. No, it is from training methods/tools that have been around for decades! These training methods have been around for so long that we seem to have forgotten how effective they really are. Wanting to build more muscle while being in the gym less? Give these training methods a try and enjoy having more spare time!


Ever performed or heard of dropsets? If you are looking to take your work outs to an entirely different level then look no further! Dropsets, in general, are multiple sets performed nonstop (creating one massive set) by dropping the weight after you hit failure (or complete the number of repetitions planned). Dropsets are used to increased the amount of muscle damage in a short amount of time and stretch the fascia as much as possible, filling the muscles with ample amounts of blood. Disclaimer: This is not for the faint of heart. Going to failure with multiple sets in a combined massive set will be EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE, but will be well worth the results!


Ever completed less repetitions than you aimed for, then came back right after to finish the remaining repetitions? You are actually performing a sort of rest-pause training. Rest-pause training involves going to failure (or performing the target repetition count) and resting 0-30 seconds before performing the next set with the same weight. This is utilized in order to get more volume in with the same weight in less time, while providing some sort of rest, which allows your body to slightly recover and perform more repetitions than if you tried one all out set to failure.


The most common training tool used today is the superset. Supersets are performed by performing two exercises back-to-back with no rest, or as little rest as possible. Supersets are used to either get more work done in less time, work on antagonist muscle groups (in order to stretch one while the other contracts), or to pre/post- fatigue a given muscle that is slacking in development.

Decrease Rest Time

This seems like a no-brainer, but I feel the need to remind everyone. I see countless people searching for the next best thing, but guess what?! Decreasing rest time increases muscle damage, muscle fatigue, and helps you get more work done in less time. I typically use anywhere from 15 seconds to 60 seconds rest for all of my exercises. If your goal is hypertrophy (building muscle mass), then put down the phone, stop chatting about your plans after the gym, and start your next set!


You do not need fancy equipment, diets, or pills to build more muscle in less time. Sometimes you just need to try different training tools in order to see what works best for you and what you enjoy more. Give one, some, or all of these training tools a place in your training routine and watch your progress soar while your time in the gym decrease!









Back Workout For Mass!


Today I show you all one of my back workouts for mass during my bulk! If you are wanting to add slabs of muscle to your back and biceps give this workout a try! If you like the routine don’t forget to share the video with your friends 🙂


  1. Lat-Pulldowns 1 set of 20/1 set of 15/5 sets of 10
  2. Reverse Grip-Pulldown 1 set of 20/5 sets of 15
  3. Vbar-Pulldown 5 sets of 20
  4. 1 Arm Seated Row 1 set of 20/1 set of 15/5 sets of 10
  5. 1 Arm Seated Row 5 sets of 20
  6. Superset: Cable Pullovers & Facepulls 5 sets of 20
  7. Dumbbell Bicep Curls Clusterset Until Failure (pick a weight you can do 15-20 reps with)
  8. Superset: Go Home & Eat Everything

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I hope you all have an amazing day, take care, and most importantly GOD BLESS!











Getting Rid Of Arm Flab


We’ve all had that one area where fat does not want to leave. That area that is last to shrink, but first to grow. For some people the back of the arm is a very difficult area to lose fat. These individuals will always wear sleeves and listen to gurus who preach “fat targeting” and inevitably “waist trainers”. The truth behind how to get rid of flabby arms (arm fat) seems very complex, but is actually quite simple. There are some things to consider before determining what actions you need to take. Below I will discuss some possible causes and their solutions (and in the order you should analyze and check off).


Cause 1) Body fat %: First off, if you’re body fat percentage is pretty high you will surely have “flabby” areas. A lot of people disregard the fat around their body while being fixated on a specific area. Time and time again I see someone with pretty high body fat claiming to do abdominal fat targeting. This is beyond ridiculous and should be avoided. Sometimes you’re body fat percentage will dictate how flabby these areas are.


Solution 1) Lower your body fat percentage by *gasp* dieting. Even when an area is the last to “tone up” (like most individual’s lower abdominals) if you get to a decent body fat percentage even the most stubborn areas should “tone” (most people under estimate their body fat percentage).  Girls hold more fat than guys generally because of hormones, so never hold unrealistic expectations for yourself. If you are male, know your expectations can be unrealistic as well (most guys want to look like fitness models who don’t even look like that year round, photo-shop, and take drugs).


Cause 2) Body Composition: The next step after dieting is realizing your muscle/fat ratio at specific areas. Some areas APPEAR “flabbier”, because of it’s soft appearance. When neglecting specific muscles, even when dieting that area will not look “toned”. Good example with myself would be when I am bulking, areas that have more muscle appear more lean due to the amount of muscle compared to body fat covering it. Another example would be guys weighing 130 pounds without 3D abdominals. That is because yes they’re low in body fat, but the muscle is non-existent. Same idea with other areas of the body.

Solution 2) Train every part of your body to make sure no area is lacking muscle. If you’re afraid of muscle, because you’re a girl Google some fitness models….not the anabolic/testosterone taking females you think are natural. If building muscle was so easy obesity wouldn’t be at an all time high. Never neglect exercise or building muscle. For the arms, I recommend working out the triceps to build some muscle, then combine with dieting to lower the fat covering it.


Cause 3) Loose Skin: Last, after all else has failed it is time to determine if it is just loose skin. Most individuals claim they have loose skin when they’re stomach still extends over their toes (and some guys can’t even find their manhood). If you have gotten to a low percentage of body fat and have built some muscle around the area, maybe it has something to do with loose skin. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT claim loose skin before fixing cause 1 and 2. This should be the last step of the process. Not only will you fix the arm flab, but will become all around healthier in the process.


Solution 3) Either live with it and be proud of your body and appreciate you even have one…..or you can have surgery. Your choice. I recommend just being happy with the body God gave you, but if you truly cannot live with it I recommend seeing a professional. You should not ever hate your body, feel you have to hide it, or feel you MUST change it. This decision is 100% yours to make.


As you can see, I don’t promise my ridiculous product “arm flab be gone 1000” will be the solution, but rather give you something you can actually use to help…..knowledge. With that said, it is up to you to change your life or pointlessly keep trying different creams and trainers. The decision is yours.


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