A Case For Unilateral Exercises

A Case For Unilateral Exercises
Some of you may be wondering  “if the big 3 are the kings of all exercises, why the hell do we need unilateral (single limb) exercises in our work out routines?!” For those of you who only train heavy, doing unilateral exercises can greatly benefit your progress. Doing unilateral (single limb) exercises such as lunges, dumbbell presses, and dumbbell rows can help you develop symmetry, improve your core strength and your stability, improve range of motion, and much more! In this article I explain reasons why everyone should consider incorporating unilateral exercises into their training.





Genetics Is Not An Excuse


So lately everyone is playing the genetics card. Struggling to lose fat? Genetics. Weaker than someone in the gym? Genetics. Smaller legs than others? Genetics. I used to blame my struggles in the gym and my diet on my genetics just as much as other guys, but one thing changed. I realized genetics is no excuse. Genetics does matter, but only to a certain extent.Why does genetics matter? Because your physical attribute potential is limited. Honestly, that’s not a good enough reason to be an excuse. Why? Here’s why!

Yes, human potential is limited. How so? First off, we have no idea if anyone has ever reached their genetic potential or not. It is scientifically proven that muscular/strength progress slows down the further you progress. Eventually you will be a natural lifter scraping away from workout to workout in order to gain 1 pound of muscle mass a year. Yeah…. A YEAR! That does not mean you can’t gain body fat to elicit greater weight increase/size increase, but rather you will only gain one pound of lean muscle tissue. Everyone’s progress will slow down. It’s not that we should be worried about reaching our genetic limit, but rather focus on having the determination to continue working out naturally when progress becomes extremely slow. Funniest thing you’ll hear in the gym are guys who can’t lift 225 or only weight 180 and claim they may have reached their genetic limit because they have stalled. GUESS WHAT? A genetic limit is a lifetime goal! Majority of individuals who workout never reach their genetic limit even with training countless years and having the best resources, so claiming you have already hit your genetic limit….excuse!

Genetic limits aside, genetics should never be an excuse to your progress. People love to play the genetics card with weight loss and muscle gain more than anything. Can’t lose 5 pounds because they followed a diet by someone they don’t even know. Guess what? Apparently genetics won’t allow them to lose those 5 pounds. This may be some enlightenment for you weight loss seekers, but….YOUR GENETICS DOES NOT STOP YOUR BODY FROM LOSING FAT. Unless you have a specific disorder, you have absolutely ZERO reasons you can’t lose or gain weight. Yes, it will be harder for you than others, but that does not mean you can’t accomplish it. “Maybe my body just wants this weight for it’s frame”. Yeah….no. You’re body could care less. You just don’t like to put in extra effort. That’s like my brother gains weight/muscle on almost half the calories I do. I don’t complain that I can’t gain weight. What do I do? I eat more. It’s that simple! Manipulating your calories is scientifically proven to manipulate body composition. Complaining is not. Complaining gets you no where. If anything, complaining gets people annoyed.

Working on your own progress would help everyone. People are so focused on comparing themselves to others that they’ll use any excuse to not put in extra effort to get the physique they desire. Genetics shouldn’t be an excuse, because you can always improve. You can always lose fat, gain muscle, and get better. Genetics doesn’t stop that. You do. The only thing genetics does is change the amount of time and effort needed to make those changes. Everyone improves at different rates.

The final reason why genetics is not an excuse is because it will not even display as an advantage until you get to specific levels. Local competitions and younger age orientated competitions will not be full of genetic freaks. They’re already above that. Powerlifting for example. Everyone is so worried about getting their butt wooped by someone who is just a genetic freak. Guess what? That “genetic freak” has already plans for nationals and worlds. That “genetic freak” doesn’t do local powerlifting meets because he gets sponsored to go travel. If someone is truly genetically advantageous, you wouldn’t be competing with them. Sorry to tell you that, but “it’s reality”.

To those who use genetics as an excuse, I hope this has cleared the air. Genetics is not an excuse. It is limited, but never an excuse.

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