Sleeping For Muscle Mass

In a fast paced world that requires you to constantly be achieving something to keep up, we tend to cut our sleep time short. For many of us trying to balance fitness into our life we must sacrifice time from other things. Unfortunately, your full-time job, full-time college classes, relationships, family time, and work out time is too important to cut short, so we must take time away from sleep. Not enough hours in the day? Cut your sleep short and maximize our 24 hours, right? If your goal is to maximize muscle gain, then this solution may not be the answer to your time dilemma.

Sleep Deprivation And Testosterone
If you are into gaining muscle mass, then I am sure you have heard of how important testosterone is. Testosterone is what makes men…! It even makes men bigger, leaner, and stronger than other men. Testosterone is what you could call the “holy grail” to muscle building. If testosterone is so important, why do we do things that reduce our testosterone such as deprive ourselves of sleep? In this study, both testosterone and cortisol decreased in the total sleep deprivation group. Wanting to maximize gains? Maximize your testosterone with sleep.





How To Balance Life And Fitness

“I don’t have time to get in shape” is by far the most common excuse for people not achieving their fitness goals. Fair enough…..or is it?

We all have 24 hours in a day, but what you do with those 24 hours is what keeps time from being a limiting factor. Fitness is not about revolving your life around the gym, but rather about incorporating exercise into your life in order to have a better quality of life. In this article I cover ways to incorporate fitness and health into your life without sacrificing your social life or enjoyment in life….



A Case For Unilateral Exercises

A Case For Unilateral Exercises
Some of you may be wondering  “if the big 3 are the kings of all exercises, why the hell do we need unilateral (single limb) exercises in our work out routines?!” For those of you who only train heavy, doing unilateral exercises can greatly benefit your progress. Doing unilateral (single limb) exercises such as lunges, dumbbell presses, and dumbbell rows can help you develop symmetry, improve your core strength and your stability, improve range of motion, and much more! In this article I explain reasons why everyone should consider incorporating unilateral exercises into their training.




Progressive Overload 101 (Which is the best method?)

Progressive Overload
If you have read enough fitness articles or follow a few fitness youtubers, you learn that the biggest factor for training progress is progressive overload. In short, progressive overload is adding a stimulus your body is not used to in order to trigger an adaptation. Though you may know how important progressive overload is, you may not know different ways to facilitate it. Most individuals think of progressive overload as adding weight to the bar, which is the most common form of progressive overload. Though that is one way to progressive overload, that is not the only way. Below I will list and explain different ways to progressive overload in your workouts.

In this article I will cover the various methods of progressive overload and which one is the best!


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