Looking For Guest Post Opportunities

Since I will start having more free time, I am currently looking for any fitness or self help niche guest writing opportunities.

You can visit my official website to see my recent content and my writing quality.

Feel free to comment or email me at ahmedjabaifitness@gmail.com to set something up!


Looking For Guest Writers!


Hello everyone! Today I wanted to let you all know I am currently looking for guest writers who can write about self improvement and/or fitness.

My website SelfImprovedFitness is about combining self improvement and fitness. I aim to give people free informative content as a means to build a connection with readers, inform and inspire others, and do what I love!

What Is In It For You?

All articles are allowed 3 social media back-links at the end of the article, 3 external/non-social media links within the article, and 1 mention of the service that you provide. This allows various opportunities for you to reach a greater audience, gain more traffic, gather potential clients/customers, and have the ability to inspire more people.


All articles must be at least 500 words long and must have factual information either through studies or self experience. This is not a “broscience” fitness blog, nor is it a sellout pushing supplements/products blog, so I will hold my guest writers to the same standard. Articles will be reviewed and modified/edited (if needed) before published. If relevant to the topic, writer may use one image of them self as the feature image. Last but not least, share the content 🙂

“I’m interested! How do I start?”

You can start by checking out the website SelfImprovedFitness to see what the website format, article format, and standards are like. After getting an idea of what kind of content is published on the site, message me ON MY NEW FACEBOOK PAGE or email me at ahmedjabaifitness@gmail.com with your experience in the niche, your goal with guest writing, and the topic you have in mind!

Hope to hear from you all soon! Have a great day and take care!